Space ID Dao Delegation

linyyhib.bnb view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO:
How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering?
I’m Web3 social media influencer in Korean like be space id and Web3 Metaverse projects



Propaosal , which will help all of us any one work will be done by the decision of all of us , as we all will like.

Whatever proposal comes , we will read it and if it is the right decision , then we will vote on it and give our opinion.



go to space id dao delegation

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If you want to send your application, then it is wrong topic and section. Do it in Delegate Application Template (Part 2)

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to to galxe space id Dao voting nft

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hello guys .
how can i delegation here?

Your application should be here: Delegate Application Template (Part 1) - #10152
or here: Delegate Application Template (Part 2) - #8018
Anyway, this activity has already ended 28th April, here is the announcement from discord: Discord

Now you can only vote for one of the delegates. Go to SPACE ID Scroll down and choose to whom you want to delegate. The domain name search function is not working yet, so you need to use the wallet address search. For example, you can enter my address in the search field (0xAFe934d660C157b7622cAD704BCd910972ccA72B), and it should be shown me.