How to claim space id dao delegate OAT?

Please help to claim space id dao delagate…


Complete simple tasks and send your application to the thread: Delegate Application Template (Part 2)

You can use my application as template: Delegate Application Template (Part 1) - #1579 by xandry.bnb

I can’t complete the claim oat


I am a fast learner and I am ready to work with any available tool.
I have 5 years of experience in cryptocurrencies… I enjoy learning new technology… I think I will learn a lot from SpaceID

I will be very happy to work for a big project like Space id… thank you…

I have completed my task but unable to claim oat… Please help me out.

This answer is also suitable for you, so I will not duplicate it, but just give you a link to it:

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The same answer for you too.