Revolutionizing AAA Gaming: Integrating SPACE ID's SDK into Face Wallet for Enhanced Web3 Domain Functionality


This proposal seeks to integrate SPACE ID’s SDK with Face Wallet, an innovative non-custodial wallet platform venturing into the realm of AAA gaming. By incorporating SPACE ID’s SDK, Face Wallet can expand its functionality to encompass blockchain domain services, thereby elevating the platform’s web3 capabilities. This approach allows users to link their gaming profiles to a decentralized domain, fostering a secure, portable, and unique identity in the digital gaming world.

Moreover, the integration lays the groundwork for pioneering blockchain interactions in AAA gaming, providing users with the ability to seamlessly interact across multiple blockchains (.eth, .bnb, .arb, .sei). This integration will bolster digital ownership in the gaming world, paving the way for a unified gaming experience across various blockchains.


The integration of SPACE ID’s SDK into Face Wallet serves two main purposes:

  1. For SPACE ID, it broadens the use case of the platform and introduces a fresh user base from the AAA gaming community.
  2. For Face Wallet, it enables users to link their gaming profiles to a unique, decentralized web domain, strengthening their commitment to web3 technologies, and fostering a more open and accessible gaming world.


This proposal encompasses the technical integration of SPACE ID’s SDK into Face Wallet’s platform and user interface, including the provision of user education and support for the new functionality.


The implementation will proceed in four main stages:

  1. Technical Integration: The Face Wallet development team will collaborate closely with SPACE ID’s developers to incorporate the SDK into the Face Wallet platform.
  2. Testing: Comprehensive testing will be carried out to ensure smooth operation of the integration.
  3. User Education: Guides and tutorials will be created to educate Face Wallet’s user base on how to utilize the new feature.
  4. Support: Continuous technical support and updates will be provided as necessary.


Estimated timeline for the proposal’s implementation:

  • Technical Integration: 1-2 months
  • Testing: 1 month
  • User Education: Concurrent with Testing
  • Support: Ongoing

The estimated total cost of implementing this proposal is between $1,000 to $5,000. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Technical Integration: $500 - $2,000: This cost will cover the expenses of the development team who will work on integrating the SPACE ID’s SDK into Face Wallet’s platform.
  • Discord AMA Giveaway: $500: This is allocated as a promotional measure to incentivize participation in the AMA session, boosting community engagement.
  • Bounties for future tasks (e.g., technical, creative, etc.): $0 - $2,500: This amount will be kept in reserve to incentivize the community for any future tasks that may arise during or after the integration process. This could include bug fixing, UI/UX improvements, or content creation to promote the new feature.

It’s important to note that this is an estimated budget. The exact cost might vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the integration and the required resources.

In terms of budget justification, the integration of SPACE ID’s SDK into Face Wallet provides long-term value that outweighs the initial costs. It paves the way for web3 domain functionality in Face Wallet, setting a new standard in the AAA gaming industry, and broadens user engagement. Furthermore, allocating budget for promotional activities, such as the Discord AMA Giveaway, can lead to increased visibility and user base expansion, resulting in higher platform utility. In essence, these investments contribute significantly to the continuous growth and development of Face Wallet’s platform in the burgeoning world of blockchain gaming.

Expected Outcomes

The successful execution of this proposal is expected to result in:

  • An expanded user base for both SPACE ID and Face Wallet, leading to heightened platform utility and activity.
  • An improved user experience for Face Wallet’s users by allowing them to link their gaming profiles to a decentralized domain.
  • Enhanced reputation and visibility for both Face Wallet and SPACE ID within the web3 and gaming spaces.

Possible Downsides/Risks

The risks associated with this proposal might include technical challenges during the integration process and potential resistance or lack of understanding from users when adopting web3 domains.

Additional Information

This integration aligns well with both Face Wallet’s and SPACE ID’s missions of making gaming experiences and web3 services more accessible to a global audience. It particularly positions Face Wallet as a pioneer in converging AAA gaming with blockchain technology.

Final Notes

We invite all SPACE ID and Face Wallet community members to share insights on this integration proposal. Your questions and feedback are vital for shaping a comprehensive solution. Join the conversation, engage in debates, share your thoughts. Together, we can strengthen our web3 gaming community.