Ledger wallet and ledger live

I think this product needs no introduction? Well, a crypto wallet that had 5 million users last year. This proposal seeks to integrate SPACE ID’s SDK with Ledger Wallet - most popular crypto wallet. By incorporating SPACE ID’s SDK, Ledger Wallet can expand its functionality to encompass blockchain domain services, thereby elevating the platform’s web3 capabilities.

Integration of the SPACE ID SDK into Ledger Wallet will be useful for both companies:

As for SPACE ID, it will significantly expand the user base of the platform.
As for Ledger Wallet, it will increase the usability of Ledger Live, especially since it would be completely logical to expand domain support for them, since they already support ENS:

This offer includes the technical integration of the SPACE ID SDK into the Ledger Live user interface and Ledger Wallet software, including user training and support for new functionality.


The implementation will proceed in four main stages:

  1. Technical Integration: Ledger Wallet development team will collaborate closely with SPACE ID’s developers to incorporate the SDK into the Ledger Wallet platform.
  2. Testing: Comprehensive testing will be carried out to ensure smooth operation of the integration.
  3. User Education: Guides and tutorials will be created to educate Ledger Wallet’s user base on how to utilize the new feature. This can be done by participants of the Cosmic Council v2 program
  4. Support: Continuous technical support and updates will be provided as necessary.

Determined by the developers and the Space ID team depending on the current load

It is determined by the developers and the Space ID team depending on the time spent on the integration process and the average salary in the company

Expected Outcomes
In addition to salaries, employees will probably traditionally have to allocate money for marketing to attract attention. For example, launch a campaign on galxe and draw gift cards with a total value of $ 1000

Partially used as a template: https://forum.space.id/t/revolutionizing-aaa-gaming-integrating-space-ids-sdk-into-face-wallet-for-enhanced-web3-domain-functionality/39874
Thanks to @bigblackcrypto.bnb


Great idea, we’ve had cases where users have wondered about this or had some issues with it

  1. cannot assign the primary domain on my ledger
  2. couldn’t register
  3. Ledger doesn’t show ID in bep20
  4. couldn’t get $SUIBG coins
  5. domain sale problems

I think that after integration and cooperation these problems will become less.