[Proposal] Using Gitcoin passport to block Sybil attacks

Proposing Strategy to Mitigate Bots and Sybil Attacks in Anticipation of the Upcoming Event, Including the Staging Launch for the SPACE ID .sei Domain

In the intricate landscape of cryptocurrency, a persistent challenge grips the community—the relentless proliferation of bots, farmers, and sybil attacks. The repercussions of these threats echo through the industry, prompting an urgent need for resilient solutions. This proposal delves into the complexity of the issue and offers a comprehensive strategy to effectively thwart these nefarious activities. Our primary focus is on the imminent Staging Launch for the SPACE ID .sei domain.

Addressing the Challenge:
Cryptocurrency’s intricate nature is marred by the relentless surge of bots, farmers, and sybil attacks. This continuous dilemma jeopardizes the integrity of upcoming events, demanding innovative solutions to level the playing field for all participants.

First of all, we will discuss the methods that are currently presented and used by different platforms or organizations in the crypto space, among the most popular of them are:

Gitcoin passport

BAB Token (Binance Account Bound Token) " KYC required "

Galxe Passport " KYC required "

And also a number of other methods that are being developed and are currently not used that much

Challenges Inherent in Current Approaches:
While authentication-based methods like “BAB Token” and “Galxe Passport” hold promise in curbing sybil attacks, they come with inherent limitations. These approaches inadvertently sideline users in sanctioned jurisdictions or regions with restricted access, leading to an exclusionary environment. The very inclusivity the crypto community aspires to foster is potentially undermined. The universal efficacy of “BAB Token” and “Galxe Passport” in the crypto community comes under scrutiny due to these limitations.

The Ingenuity of Gitcoin Passport:
Enter Gitcoin Passport, an avant-garde solution showcasing technological innovation. This approach harnesses intricate and evolving methodologies, supported by a continuous cycle of updates designed to neutralize bots, fake users, and sybil attacks. Its dynamic nature renders it an enticing choice, evident through its adoption by well-known and popular entities, including Guild, Linea, Taiko, Snapshot, and Galxe.

Unpacking Gitcoin Passport’s Mechanism:
Gitcoin Passport deploys an intricate evaluation process, meticulously scrutinizing users based on a comprehensive spectrum of factors spanning onchain and offchain realms. These meticulously curated factors are attributed weighted values, culminating in a quantifiable score ranging from 0 to 100. This innovative sieve sifts out long-standing, active contributors, freeing them from conventional KYC authentication obligations.

The Merits of Gitcoin Passport:
Gitcoin Passport’s efficacy lies in its inherent inclusivity, enabling users globally to participate without geographical constraints. Its commitment to both onchain and offchain contributions strives to establish an equitable crypto ecosystem, where each participant’s dedication to the community is acknowledged.

Suggested solution of how to use Gitcoin passport in Staging Launch of spaceid .sei domain:

Well, in this context, Gitcoin passport leaves the hands of developers completely free, and it can be customized depending on the platform and the place it is going to be used, for example, the possibility of limiting some items in the Gitcoin passport list. There is also specifying the points that users get in tests or items that Gitcoin passport gets

Implementing a Structured Approach:

This strategy envisions a Staging Launch event with a public sale of sei domains. Users’ eligibility for domain registration is determined by their Gitcoin Passport scores, establishing a hierarchical distribution of registration privileges:

Gitcoin passport Score: 15 - Eligible for 2 Domains

Gitcoin passport Score: 20 - Eligible for 3 Domains

Gitcoin passport Score: 30 - Eligible for 4 Domains

Gitcoin passport Score: +40 - Eligible for 5 Domains

This method seems to be able to prevent valuable and demanding domains from being farmed, and there is a possibility that it will reach real users.
“This method can also be used when pre-registering the .sei domain”

In conclusion, this proposal, centered around the efficacy of Gitcoin Passport, presents a holistic response to the enduring challenge of sybil attacks within the crypto landscape. Gitcoin Passport’s dynamic nature and commitment to inclusivity position it as a sturdy candidate for bolstering the integrity of events like the SPACEID Staging Launch .sei Domain.


Yeah, that’s a great idea for bots next voyager season. rewards should go to real users


I also have a token that can be added to your list, this is Dominica Metaverse Bound Token (DMBT). To get it, I had to go through KYC on the Huobi exchange.

Proposal is pretty good, only lazy people are not engaged in hunting for airdrops now. They are like a cancer for the real community - they create a lot of accounts, get rewarded and forget about the project forever.


good idea but not to help from multiaccounts

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Sybil is a serious issue at the moment. We need to take measures to prevent it.

I think It’s a great idea, But also aa bad one, We definitely don’t want to limit the number of domains a user can mint, What’s the point of this? More sales the better for $ID token (Buy back & burn) and for the DAO!

However, We can use Gitcoin passport in the upcoming Voyage III to stop farmers

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I think this approach will be less effective for fighting Sybil, but based on Gitcoin Passport, in order to get points, you need to install a bunch of unnecessary applications, social networks, etc., and this scares off honest users, and what difference does it make who buys a domain name) )

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