[Proposal] .bnb domain stamp into the Gitcoin Passport

As previously suggested @vahidnfc using Gitcoin Passport for Mitigate Bots and Sybil Attacks, but I have a slightly different idea.


This proposal aims to integrate the .bnb domain stamp into the Gitcoin Passport system, enhancing user experience and expanding the functionality of both Passport and Space ID.


The goal of this integration is to provide Gitcoin Passport users with the ability to link their .bnb domain identification to their profile, thereby increasing trust and transparency.


The proposal covers the addition of the .bnb domain integration feature to Gitcoin Passport. This will allow users to verify ownership of their .bnb domain and use it as an additional element of identification.


  • Development and configuration of a compatible structure for .bnb domain stamps in Gitcoin Passport.
  • Creation of a user interface to link .bnb domains to user profiles.
  • Development of the process for confirming ownership of .bnb domains through a unique code.


  • Major time allocation for integration negotiations.
  • Implementation should not take a significant amount of time.


  • Development resources: $1,000
  • User interface design: Utilize existing design.
  • Testing and quality assurance: $1,000

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Enhanced functionality of Gitcoin Passport with the ability to link .bnb domains to user profiles.
  2. Increased user trust in profiles verified through .bnb domains.
  3. Expansion of identification possibilities and additional profile elements.

Benefits for .bnb Domains:

Visibility: Integrating .bnb domains into Gitcoin Passport will boost our domain’s visibility among active platform participants.
Scalability: The ability to link .bnb domains to Passport contributes to scaling a user’s online profile on the Gitcoin platform.
Trust: Confirming ownership of .bnb domains will strengthen user trust in identification, increasing attractiveness for interaction.

Risks and Challenges:

  • Technical complexities in integrating two distinct systems.
  • Ensuring data security and domain ownership verification.
  • Potential development delays affecting the launch schedule.

Additional Information:

I am confident that integrating the .bnb domain stamp into Gitcoin Passport will enhance the effectiveness of Passport and Space ID, creating additional advantages for users.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome during the implementation of this proposal.


This is a very wonderful idea, it increases the efficiency of SPACE ID domains and also increases their credibility, as well as increases the acceptance of Mint or buying domains from SPACE ID Marketplace or secondary markets.

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definitely put to the vote

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