Expanding Space ID's capabilities by introducing tokens swap tool, making it a versatile all-in-one app


As you’re likely aware, Space ID already offers a convenient wrap and unwrap feature. This enables users to easily convert $WBNB to $BNB and the opposite on the BNB chain and $WETH to $ETH on Arbitrum etc…

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To enhance the app utility comprehensively, I propose the addition of swap tool. This would provide users with the ability to directly exchange/swap various tokens such as $USDT to $BNB etc… within the Space ID app (All-in-one app), eliminating the need for external swap tools like Uniswap or PancakeSwap.


Considering that .bnb domains require the use of $BNB for acquisition, and .arb domains necessitate $ETH, this integrated swap tool would empower users by offering a seamless and user-friendly solution for managing all their token conversion needs directly within one app.


Within the wrap and unwrap interface, We envision incorporating a dedicated section for token swaps. While I’ve made a basic example using HTML, I’m confident that the team can significantly enhance its design and functionality.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Enhancing Space ID app to be exceptionally user-friendly and all-encompassing, providing a one-stop solution for all user requirements, directly within a single application.
  • Domains registrations may increase.


It can be completed within one month or two, including development, testing, to ensure a smooth user experience.


That’s a good suggestion. It is necessary for those who decided to buy a domain but do not have the necessary tokens. It seems to have been discussed in 2 previous proposals, where it was also suggested to make a pool, bridge or use a gateway to pay for domains with any tokens, including ID token

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I think the use of $ID token is different than this proposal, Even if $ID token will be used across all space ID app, I believe we still need the swap tool. So I think this proposal wasn’t really discussed before.

Seems like a good idea…and this tool will be a gateway to a swap platform or there will be a pool within the app where you could swap them?