Delegate Application Template (Part 1)

  • spaceid00.bnb
  • SPACE ID DAO is a thriving community that helps society and everyone. SPACE ID DAO thrives and I love spaceid.
  • I will invite my friends to join the SPACE ID DAO. I have a group of 2k members.
  • I am developer, i am MOD

Advertisement , decentralization
Researcher , trader

in my view Space ID DAO will be something of a great future project on the BEP20 network.

having ID SPACE ID DAO and holding several IDs on Cex is already part of my contribution to this project.

there are so many achievements in web3 because I have studied the crypto world and all the networks for 3 years

My domain ID

Space ID DAO Has brought us the community to know each other what ID is …Thanks and keep moving forward with big projects that can prosper the Community .I really like Space ID DAO

  1. aas445.bnb / jokontol.arb
  2. I think this is a great project to develop together
  3. I take all programs seriously
  4. not yet for now, maybe in the future it can be even better


  • very good, supported by a very good community and a very good project team.

  • support with various good things such as participating in any event that will certainly create a good future.

  • The experience for me can feel the bitter sweet of the crypto world, although I have not been in the cryptocurrency world for too long, I believe crypto is not bad, there are various kinds of things in it or other things that I can learn and make a good experience for me, that’s why I’m here.

° Rimsha.bnb
° To become decentralized and give power to the active comminty members of the Dao for a specific decision.
° I will vote on every proposal with my full dedication.
° I am in web3 from last 2 years, have learned a lot about nfts, different projects, their growth, performed testnets.


Desentralisasi, Partisipasi, Publisitas

saya pemrogram (Java)

testnet, duta besar

• maniator.bnb
• Proposal which will help all of us or any one work will be done by the decision of all of us, as we all will like
• Whatever proposal comes, I will read it and if it is contain the right information about some future then I will vote on it and give our opinion
• developer/trader

2. I love the goals fo space ID DAO
3. I will pariyom the upcoming events
4. I don’t have any skills but I am a great worker

  • arshiags.bnb
  • Decentralized, Transparent, Community
  • Share my experiences, Help with votes, Support
  • Working as BD & CM on We3, more: arshiags |
  • foxos.bnb
  • I think this is very good for SPACE ID to grow even more.
  • I will submit a proposal if I have an opinion that can have a positive impact on this project.
  • I only know a few programming languages, namely C#, python and java.

:yellow_circle: My Domaine : binance-labs.bnb , binance-labs.arb
:yellow_circle: SPACE ID DAO will provide our community with a framework to collaborate on projects, share resources, and work together to achieve common goals in a much more transparent, secure, and decentralized environment
:yellow_circle:I can stake your tokens, promote you through my social networks (telegram, youtube, twitter, metawerse)
Suggestion: make a 3D room inside the Spas ID office where you can hang your domains on the walls and add 3D objects
:yellow_circle: Influencer and YouTube Blogger :
:art: 3D Designer in the Metaverses : htcvive, spatial_io, SecondLiveReal

:eye: #binance #bnb


SpaceID has big target for self missons

I can give feedbacks

Im following Web3 apps

• srk111.bnb
• czsrk.arb

• my view clear this project soon moon

• join community and dao contribution

• web3 crypto experience

Voter and supporter of project with help people on community
my skill still small,like testnet ,retroactive,and archievenent

Community support

•pentium. arb
•SPACE ID DAO makes the community of a project transparent and fair
•Help answer questions and connect communities from web2 to web3

2.Yes i have like to contribute to join all space id event.
3. My WEB3 experience is good because of SPACE ID Project.

  • nabila.bnb.

  • space id dao a very good project, suitable to be hold for a long time, the name is also unique, I hope space id dao continues to prosper and develop rapidly, and has a cohesive team, upholds solidarity and loyalty.

  • by assessing and analyzing in detail, if we think space id is good, surely we as a community will follow the steps or conditions as much as possible, such as buying space id coins/tokens, holding them, and so on.

  • for web3 I will do what is ordered in it as best I can, because I understand a little what web3 is, a kind of task that must be done. My experience on web3 is doing tasks such as following, subscribing, retweeting, tweeting, and so on. If achievements and skills in web3 I do not know yet.

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