Delegate Application Template (Part 1)



i think its very helpfull n very potential move for id

begginer but i want to learn more about it

• NesleRtr.bnb
• viewing angle is good.
• Helping all members and grow community.
• Working on testnet and better experience.

The SPACE ID DAO facilitates transparency, fairness, objectivity, and a unified voice among project participants.
Providing assistance, addressing inquiries, and bridging the community’s transition from Web2 to Web3.
Researchers, community members, and builders

i want to be rich through airdrop
i will share to all my media social
my experience is only taking part in the free airdrop

thanks i hope winner be rich

•scalability and remaining decentralized
•through media promotion. social networking
• I’m a blockchain, cryptocurrency and nft enthusiast so far I’m familiar with the basics and also engrossed with the right and needed
facilities to grow the project, I’m confident i have got the needed requirements

  • heaps.arb
  • decentralized , growing community
  • im programmer and bug hunter (i can test the project)
  • investor, developer, and web3 enthusias


Decentralization, Participation
Share and spread about SPACE ID
Retroactive, trader, NFT holder

I think its amizing and unique
I would to share my expertise in marketing and promotion of SPACE ID

Please accept my delegate


for now every project must have loyal supporters. as well as lots of ideas from them so that a project can develop and survive in any crypto business competition.

id : setan.bnb

This team is one of the best team the world of crypto , I am very happy to be a part of this proudest team… Best of luck

-Bringing community to connect from web2 to web3
-Helping newbies

  1. ritik07.bnb

  2. Space I’d dao will help to improve the ecosystem on space I’d and make community stronger and loyal

  3. Staking ID❤️ token and getting voting power for the approval of proposal

  4. working experience in web3 is around half a year and studying regarding web3 and help the web3 ecosystem
    Thanks u


SPACE ID DAO membantu komunitas proyek menjadi transparan, adil, objektif, dan memiliki suara yang sama dari para peserta dalam proyek ini.
Membantu mendukung informasi, menjawab pertanyaan, dan menghubungkan komunitas dari web2 ke web3

my id is Bangsar4444
I belive that spaceid will become the center of web3 social community.
Formely I am a venturecapitalist in JAPAN

•Turn on Liquidity on your portal
•You come up with a new swap


SPACE ID DAO is to make a safer, private, and decentralized web, where people have command over their computerized characters and information.

my commitment to the SPACE ID people group would be through giving precise and important data, which can assist people with pursuing informed choices and add to the venture’s prosperity

web3 innovation incorporate DeFi applications, NFTs, decentralized trades, and know about blockchain innovation, IPFS, TestNet, Node runer.

  • vesuvius.bnb
  • SPACE ID DAO best project ever , I am very happy to be participating in this project. I hope this project will gain more popularity in the future.


-Decentralization, Governance Participation, Community Building

-Community Participation & Tester and DAO

-Dapps Tester, Ambassador

Crytover.bnb crytover.arb

The project is implemented professionally and has a clear development plan. Without doubt, this is one of the best project.

This platform has very high efficiency and performance, and you can increase the speed and user interface of the platform
It will be great
It will be perfect
And now I am satisfied with the professional team and their good performance