Delegate Application Template (Part 1)


Strong project I think its amizing and unique
I would to share my expertise in marketing

I like the idea of space Id Dao. Giving the power of decision-making to the hands of active community members and ID token holders.

I can contribute to helping other community members on Discord wherever possible. I’m also making a team so I can help everyone

I am in Crypto recently 2but still learning new things every day now. Web 3, Defi, and Crypto are of my interest. I do not have much experience in building dApps but I am very active in the web3 space

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Decentralization and Security
Participate in any event necessary for the growth of the ecosystem
beta tester ,node runner, airdrop hunter and crypto investor

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• kumarcrypto.bnb

• The goal of SPACE ID DAO is to make a transparent , easy to use and a fair project for participants .

• I can help through voting and marketing .

• I am new in web3 and performing various testnets . I am trying to learn about web3 .

  • xetalabs.bnb/ xetalabs.bnb
  • It will help the community to grow and both the project and community will get mutual benefits
  • I will give best suggestion for the proposal it should not be one sided.
  • Explorer, Like to join new project and explore them to the depth
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SPACE ID DAO is a great combination of domain and Market
Help support information, answer community questions
is the manager of a multi-member group that joins Spaceid

Hello W3b, this is


As usual giving power of decision to the users is the goal of SPACE ID DAO, I guess

Contribute to the community by voting, obviously

W3b experience going good till now, more to experience and learn :v:

harajuku.bnb / 0024.arb
It become an unique DAO
Help with voting and community support
Testnet, DeFi, NFTs, Moderator (for 1 year

Space Id dao can helps to community building
Testing, bug,always active for SID community
Overall excellent experience


Space id is creating a new world in Crypto with the help of domain to keep people close to each other and easy use of Crypto currencies.

I will help users of space id to know more about it. Will help them in any problems and will make them understand about it.

I am a web3 euthisthier, community member,helper, supporter


i don’t know much but this will helpful for community

Whatever knowledge I have, I can share it with the community

Researcher, Ambassador, Testnet



SPACE ID DAO helps the project community to be transparent, fair, objective

Help with voting and community support

Testnet performer

  • shubhamsharma.bnb
  • Decentralization
  • By being an active member of the community and helping out others.
  • I have been a active part of web3 since 4 years and various events.

i am ready to work for space id community member

i am always active to help for other commuinity member for space id

i am always join every task of web3. you check my domain
my domain show my all achievmemt


Proposal, which will help us



to improve the web3 knowledge
i can educate to community to about web3 whats is blockchain
i am trader in crypto from lat 2.5yrs i work as ambassdor in many project also work as cm

    • rentacar.bnb
    • Decentralization, Participation
    • Community support, marketing and promotion
    • Experince in Web3 more than 2 yeras


The project has proved to be a very good side, gathering an excellent team of managers. I advise everyone to consider this company.:heart::heart:

  • Michealking.bnb
  • Easy access to wallet
  • Sharing my referral link and promoting the community goal
  • Ambassador, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis

*Name:- 0xhacked.bnb
*my view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO:- i like this community because, this community have own domains and very helpful
*How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering:- my opinion we are make a AI technology because this very easy to use
*Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills:- experiences is very good and better…i use a lot of time , talk about achievements i achive lot of learning about this community and many things and most important skills…i pmprove my talking sills