Delegate Application Template (Part 1)


With the system of DAO where members of the community endeavor to build a better environment to pursue the vision of DAO, I believe SPACE ID will be the best crypto domain community in this industry.

I’ll be an active member in the community to help out people who need help and help build a good community.

I’m a digital marketer in the daytime and a crypto enthusiast at night.

*Digital marketing
*2 years of trading experience
*6 months of moderator experience for the Japanese NFT project

My domain : kpoli.bnb
SPACE ID DAO will be awesome
By delegating, I’m sure to contribute as community member by voting on good decision for overall benefits.
Skills: Theoretical analysis only

*1.rodin.bnb / rodins.arb *2.strives to create a new and high-quality product in web3 to unite many. *3. I would like to fix the moment of registration by invitation, since the inviter does not always become one.
*4. I’m just learning and I hope that with the SPACE ID project I will understand web3 much better

helping by active community member
i partcipate active events grow my knlowledge about blockchain,

• meta000.bnb

• proposal, which will help all of us, any one work will be done by the decision of all of us, as we all will like .

• Whatever proposal comes, we will read it and if it is the right decision, then we will vote on it and give our opinion.

• devloper


Overall goal of space id DAO is very futuristic and attractive for users.
I will vote and provide ny candid opinion through voting and interaction with community for betterment of this project
I do have a web3 experience and interacted with my platforms.

  • 06668888.bnb
  • Participation, Publicity, Decentralization. Goal Space ID DAO in my wiev is to become the most convenient platform for users.
  • The future of SPACE ID is important and its essential every proposal takes us closer to a much more improved goal.The only thing I want to contribute is security. How do you ensure infrastructure security? Otherwise, I suggest you start right away.
  • Graphic Designer, Ambassador, Testnets.


space id is web 3 identity , all the projects integrated with space id has potential opportunity to make investment decisions.

i will contribute through voting and other sources as team suggested

my ens web experiences was great, i have got to participate in different projects with ens without hassle…like,


My Domain:- nexxer.bnb

SPACE ID DAO will be awesome
By delegating, I’m sure to contribute as community member by voting on good decision for overall benefits.

bnbabies.bnb / arbifiar.arb

It’s a step forward for the project

I would cast my vote for the improvement of the project and share the word about SPACE ID

Web3 enthusiast


My gole is to give my best to space I’d and make it big…

With my experience in crypto from 2014 i help the community members to improve their experience on I’d…
Improving your website’s and make it more smooth

I have 1yer experience on web 3 and i am with crypto sins 2014

My is id


I will always support this community


I’m very impressed with the space I’d Dao
And the recent pump of Id token just blown my mind

I would love to contribute in any possible way and would be available for community whenever needed

No super cool skill to flaunt still building myself


Dao is most important factor in community dao gives everyone to vote on proposales

I m avilable to give time to this community

I loved this web3



By refer

2 years experienced

✓•> .bnb domain- 0xsuck.bnb

The SPACE ID DAO will ultimately provide a framework for the community to collaborate on projects, share resources, and work together towards common goals, all within a much more transparent, secure, and decentralized environment. So as a holder of the $ID tokens I think I will learn more about its goal and future initiatives for the betterment of the community and try to serve as better as I can.

Having Space id domain is the easiest sending and receiving …it can make transaction fast .
Through participating testnet,giving idea on how to improve the platform.
Testnet user,

  1. Bnb name - guraaa.bnb

  2. My views on Spaceid -

SPACE ID DAO’s overarching purpose, in my opinion, is to construct a decentralised autonomous organisation that provides a secure and dependable platform for individuals to manage and use their digital identities. The platform ensures anonymity and security by utilising blockchain and other web3 technologies.

  1. I can assist improve the profile of SPACE ID DAO by writing relevant articles and offering new thoughts and perspectives. I can also participate in community conversations and provide input to help improve ideas. I feel that by actively engaging with the community, I can contribute to the growth of SPACE ID DAO.

  2. My web3 experiences / achievements / skills:

I’m a passionate crypto lover and blockchain enthusiast. With a deep interest in decentralized technologies, i have been following the crypto space for years and has gained extensive knowledge on the subject.

As an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, i have been actively involved in trading and investing in various digital assets. I have been a regular participant in online forums and communities, sharing their expertise and knowledge with other crypto enthusiasts. They are always on the lookout for the latest developments in the crypto world and enjoy staying updated on the latest trends and innovations.

*Your .bnb / .arb name: kavi5.bnb

Your view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO: The platform utilizes blockchain and other web3 technologies to ensure privacy and security. The goal of SPACE ID DAO is to provide users with better solutions for their digital identity.

How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering:
As a web3 information blogger, I can help raise the profile of SPACE ID DAO by creating relevant articles and sharing new ideas and perspectives. I can also participate in
community discussions and offer feedback to improve proposals.

Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills:
I am an information blogger, specializing in reporting on web3 technologies. I have extensive experience and skills in web3, including developing and using blockchain applications, writing smart contracts, and using decentralized exchanges and wallets.


The way space id growth in few times it’s incredible and it shows the team had do lot of things in background and in future it’s definite being carry this sucess.

I am always being one of loyal supporters of space id and participating every single campign to improve the engagement and share feedback so the bug solve ASAP.

Talking about my exprience i am in web3 from beginning and see lot of growth and see how a project build from initial to being succes so i could share to build our community better.