Delegate Application Template (Part 1)

  • cobox.bnb
  • SPACE DAO wishes to provide a transparent project that helps the community a lot.
  • Help vote and spread the goodwill of SPACE DAO
  • branding, community management, testnets, investors


Space ID Project Is Very Powerfull
and Space ID Dao Very Help To All Projects Helping
I am A Yotuber And Crypto User
and i am achieve a trader journeey

• cryptodaos.bnb
• cryptodaos
• will provide full community support and in voting
• skilled and interest in performing testnets on web3, worked on lot of projects.

I think it will be a great revolutionary idea
I would do my best for space I’d

Excellent project,This is a nice project. I really enjoyed working on this project. I hope you go further and I think the project will be successful in the future. Thank you. Good luck.

  1. My name id is: pandu.bnb
  2. I think it’s great, very democratic and free.
  3. More projects make us more involved.
  4. Have participated in the marketing of Shib. Speaks a variety of languages, is good at communication and teamwork

I found SPACE ID DAO is building the most important thing for the community and for the project itself transparency, decentralized and they are giving opportunity to every single person on the community.
I can help to keep harmony on the community, to be available to answer community members question, and also to warn the community again scammers.
Researcher,dapp/contract deployment/web development, design


Space ID DAO help with voting and support information.
im art designer NFT
tesnets and explorer of the web 3 revolution

BNB space id domain name :


ARB space id domain name :slight_smile:


I feel better momont with .bnb tag
I wlll contribute in delegation process
I am trader nft trader advertiser contribution in web3

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Expansion of space id name services in other L2 Blockchains

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I want space id dao to be fair & transprant to all & should everyone in decision making , space id can grow in more different chains also

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Overall Space ID is rocking
Being a researcher and coder I can contribute a lot in technical and psychological manners
I am good in developing critical contracts by using my blockchain and coding skills

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  • Space id:
  • name sever all chain
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I think space id doing great
Help the community by voting and supporting dao
Working in web3 space for more than 3 years.Currently working as admin of a crypto community and dao

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overall the space id dao is creating news and will continue to do so
excited and looking forward…already with this since the beginnning

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I think the goal of the space id dao goverance is remarkable and will deepen contribution by a lot of actors in the space

Am a web3 consultant with proficiency in data analysis and programming

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a newbie trying to learn :slightly_smiling_face:

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• Developer
• NFT Trader
• Investor

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My .bnb id name : uniqueholder.bnb
my .arb id name : mystery.arb
I will contribute to DAO by voting on Governance proposal.
I am still learning about web3. I know something, bur need to know more. So i need to work with projects.

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