Delegate Application Template (Part 1)

goal: to create greatest community of all time trully decentralise
tests, opinions, reviews,
fast learner

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My .bnb domain name is likecrypto34.bnb

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help to community members
testnet experience better to understand crypto world

your .bnb domain - vinaygupta.bnb
space id is doing a great job in moving towards decentralized autonomous organization it will help them to grow further with having new ideas and innovations
want to contribute in sharing the ideas webs3 technologies developments

  1. demigod.bnb
  2. I see space id as multichain domain service.
  3. I contribute to space id by bying new domains and I would like to see more blockchain support
  4. I’m in crypto for 3 years I have extensive experience and skills in web3, including using blockchain applications, writing smart contracts.

• btc-69.bnb
• in my opinion the overall goal of the space id is really innovative and impressive in terms of both users and investors.
• if i get a chance to be a delegate i would bring new proposals related to the expansion and development of space id in another L2 chains and also in current chains
• the most relevant experience i can tell about myself is
I’m a crypto investor and enthusiast who’s here in Crypto field since 3 years , I’m also a community moderator in web3 projects, I’m also experienced in running a node and also a newbie developer


I really like the nature of the domain and I believe it will thrive and many users in the future
I am promoting the space id project to my friends and the community its advantages

i think goal of SPACE ID DAO is amazing and interesting for me.
i gonna try to voting and support community as much as i can.
I’m not very experienced in WEB3 but I’m learning.


Thank you for this opportunity, great project!!, thanks to you and your entire team, good luck and prosperity, let’s go forward! LFg

a satisfying project, this project is very helpful and beneficial for all parties, I hope this project goes well

i have been supporting spaceid since the beginning and i have full faith in its future plans.
i will do my best to help spaceid in all its dao proposal and events.

  • Webdev.bnb
  • My view on the Space ID DAO is that it’ll help build the protocol via implementation of ideas from the community and team in the form of votes.
  • I’ll contribute to the proposal by considering and voting on the behalf of my community in the Space ID DAO.
  • I’m a Web3 developer and Enthusiast.

very good
I will become an active member of the community
Not available


expand SpaceID’s ecosystem platform
I will review the proposals made and agree if it makes sense with the development the project desires
I’ve been involved in Web3 since its inception and feel the future of the world is Web3


Thats a great goal of the space id without any doubt i see the potential of this great dao and i like to happy to be a part of this community

I like to help community as well as i also want to tell and host about this great opportunity to everyone as a host member

My domain: Spacevip.bnb

Sir Love your project So much…

I think best project


The project is implemented professionally and has a clear development plan. Made by a very professional and experienced team. Without doubt, this is one of the best project.

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I eagerly waiting to participate governance project of SPACE ID DAO,looking unique and good everyone searching this type of project to inverse lots of money,hope 2023 to the moon.

I will contribute to the community to help in discord to clear the doubts web3 and gonna vote as well.

im a trader and inverster joined last year made good profits in airdrops learned so many things still learning.

My .bnb / .arb name:
tpvision.bnb / souravpundir.arb

My view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO:

In My opinion , the goal should be to create a decentralized, transparent, and autonomous organization that promotes community governance,.

How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering:

My Goal would be ensure the DAO actually lives upto the its definition. If it lacks in any of the aspect I would raise my concern with a proposal.

I have decent experience and skills in web3,using blockchain applications , decentralized exchanges and wallets. Also have fair amount of understanding of Defi etc.


SPACE ID DAO helps the project community to learn more information about the project and answer questions

I can create videos and some blogs to help people learn more about projects


space id dao is to provide users with better solutions for their digital identity.
actively engaging with the community
nft ,visualizer