Delegate Application Template (Part 1)

  • gillbertgain.arb
  • Decentralization and community oriented
  • Giving my soul to community
  • Copywriting, Marketing
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I am very happy to be able to participate in spaceid polls
This project has proven many times that it cares about its community
And we care about it

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The goal of the SPACE ID DAO is to create a decentralized, community-driven ecosystem that promotes space exploration and utilization while prioritizing transparency, collaboration, and sustainability.

while I am not a member of the SPACE ID community, I could contribute by providing information and insights, analyzing data, and helping members formulate and articulate their ideas.

In summary, my skills includes a broad range of web3 technologies and concepts, including blockchain, smart contracts, DApps, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs.

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• kuryuu.bnb
• kuryuu
• help liven up and share Space ID
• web and testnet

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• afligem.bnb
• Decentralization
• voting and support
• beginner but willing to learn

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Domain ID: i12cu.bnb
To establish a decentralized autonomous organization that provides a secure and reliable
Through Voting
Using Web3 products usually and being educated and research about new project and try to invest on it

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Like the project, the Team for their efforts and dedication and highly appreciated the visionary thought of the projector and it will create history コルナit will go to moon.

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My ( bobesfanjy)
It has a bright future and can be a successful project
I have no idea
I have no experience

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I think space id is a very good DID system for the crypto community, and it’s on the lead for bnb Ecosystem.

Maybe the only thing i can do to contribute is by participating and using space id products.
Suggestions for improvement is adding more chains.

As for my experience, I’ve been a crypto enthusiasts for 2 years, i have tried all possible defi transactions and also and artists and NFT enthusiasts.

Thanks for this opportunity, I’ll looking forward to this, and i know it’s gonna be huge. whish you all the best.

  • Nekory.bnb
  • The development of the Space ID project, in my opinion, will help many new network users to understand the process of managing tokens, I especially want to highlight the fact that Spaice ID has already proven itself in many projects (Second Life, Galxe, and other projects). At this moment, I am very pleased with the pace of development of the project and look forward to even more implementation of Space ID in other Web 3 projects.
  • I love testing new projects, and I’m ready to contribute to testing Test nets and other activities that may appear in the future.
  • My achievements at the moment are very modest, I relatively recently began to delve into Web3, as I said, I am ready to help test, as well as provide support in the development of the community movement and be an integral part of it.
  • berluti.bnb
  • make this platform have own unique services In web 3.0
  • willing to contribute and share experiences to everyone interested and make understand
  • Design, Testnets, Python
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  • darknighte5a.bnb
  • darknighte5a
  • Help with voting and community support and give idea
  • Skills in web3 - achievements, poap
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  • megicula.arb
  • A cohesive and helpful community and a celebration of events that are always successful
  • I always try to be active in the Discord community and follow every event held
  • I have little skill on how to trade, add liquidity, staking, testnet, etc
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my name id is

i will reffer to the my family and friend & my community
i have some experience on web3

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with voting and doing Other tasks and introducing it to friends

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  • putrayourda.bnb
  • Space ID Dao will be get bigger in the near future, with a growing member it will help the project to grown bigger.
  • I will always research my own suggestion that will help the project
  • Testnet, Node validator, and crypto project researcher
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Hi my espaceid(bob esfanjy)
It can be a successful project in the future
I have no idea
I have no experience, I just started my activity

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Its unique and potential
By voting , participation all that program about this
Web3 experience,achievment

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  • ahadul.arb
  • Easy to transfer fund & remember address.
  • Help with voting and community support
  • Javascript / Trader
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My domain :- herald08.bnb
Space ID is a wonderful project with great potential in future.
I am glad to be part of such a community
I have into crypto and airdrops since 3 years and have made many achievements.

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