Delegate Application Template (Part 1)


I liked the concept of space Id Dao. Giving the control for making the right decision with huge active community members and ID token holders or Domain holder

I can contribute using with all social media for growing community members.

I am so much interested in cryptos from past many years and still i keep learning. my web3 experience not so professional.

My space Id domain name. 635959.bnb
I love this unique project big think space I’d this is a good essay work platform huge profit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: future rich all space I’d users thanks for supporting space I’d all users and iam always with your project space I’d


I will learn more information about Space ID DAO
Voting and participated on DAO
I have done yet web3 testnet and mannet program

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  • danish9048.arb
  • Decentralization, Publicity
  • programmer
  • testnets
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Complete allrounder performance.
Made meme arts and active in community.
I have found best routs for gain projects and cheap fast network fees.

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◉ nftrider.bnb / nftrider.arb
◉ The main purpose of space id is the secure, easy use of identification in the crypto space.
◉ I work with neural networks and also know how to program. I can contribute to your project.
◉ noder, collector, tester

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● tlthtm.bnb / tlthtm.arb
● SPACE ID DAO helps project communities to be transparent, fair, objective, and have a common voice for project participants.
● We will actively participate in the community, vote and promote various events, and work hard.
● I’m not a professional engineer, I’m not in the field, but I’m constantly participating in TestNet and Web3.

  1. and participation.4.testnet
  • thericher.bnb
  • I just to join in SPAE ID I try to learn more i and help for improve project
  • I have 2 years experience in web3 . I’m join in many chain and testnet

Decentralization, Participation
im programmer (windows)

*Very interesting project.
*Tester and Validator

.bnb / .arb name: tayhan.bnb

My view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO: I really feel proud when i see things coming from SpaceID. I’m with this project since long time. It’s a family for me. So when you ask about goal, spaceID is top G for this. Your Ideas,Strategies,Hardworks and The patience for listening the community is great! Community Means power, power means SpaceID.

How I contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering: I do promote the project by writing thread on Twitter and telegram. Also encourage people physically in my hometown.

Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills: I’m a professional trader,NFT Collector, Early investor and a Social media influencer for beginner WEB3 projects. I do work on web3 related things all day long

  • amrik.bnb
  • Decentralization
  • Im promoting space id to my friend
  • i’m a Promotor, Designer Logo, And Javascript Developer
  • kosicalls.bnb

  • Space id is a decentralized community governed by $ID token holders, Community holders will have a secure, transparent and decentralized environment to collaborate on projects, share resources, and work together towards a common goal.

  • As a web3 user and influencer, i can participate in community discussions and offer feedback to improve proposals, i can also create awareness on the Dao and it’s benefit for users.

  • I’m a web3 social media blogger, I have skills and lots of experience in the space, including blogging, using blockchain application and Dapps, DeFi , NFT. i believe that i will create value for SPACE ID DAO.


My view on the overall goal of SPACE ID DAO is very right and potential. The goal of SPACE ID DAO is to create a decentralized community in the Web3 space to promote the development of potential blockchain and DeFi projects. This is necessary as the Web3 space is becoming increasingly complex and requires collaboration and joint development. I believe that SPACE ID DAO will play an important role in helping developers, investors and users find innovative and potential financial solutions.

To contribute to the Space ID community, I would like to suggest some ideas such as:
Enhanced developer support: Provide technical and financial support to developers developing blockchain and DeFi projects, helping them develop groundbreaking products and solve technical problems complicated.
Promote education and training: Provide courses, materials, and seminars to help users and investors gain knowledge and insight into the Web3 space and blockchain and DeFi projects.
Build a resource library: Create an online resource library for developers and users so they can access open source tools, tutorials, and code for developing Web3 projects.

Blockchain developer/Researcher/Contributor

hi dear my space id : payamsadri.bnb
I think SPACE ID DAO can helps the project community to be transparent,objective and a common voice of the participants in this project,and it’s great usful.
space id can Help and support information, answer questions and connect the community and bridge from web2 to web3
Researcher-community-Builder and many more …
You can experience a new world with this project. i think singularity is near thank you guys

•SPACE ID DAO helps the project community
•Help with voting, publicity
• web 3 learner, testnet, modretar, enthusiast

Id : vhysoserious.bnb
I can help in testnets and marketing campaigns
I have experience of 2 years

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i am programer c++

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This is excellent project for the future with strong team, a transparent, planned and project roadmap. it will be successfulI. Always be waiting for the progress of this project

My Name ID:

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