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Overall, the SPACE ID DAO’s goal is to create a decentralized and collaborative platform that supports and funds projects related to space exploration and development, with the aim of advancing humanity’s understanding and utilization of space.
Join the SPACE ID DAO: Anyone can become a member of the DAO and contribute to the community by proposing and voting on projects or participating in discussions on the platform.

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It is the wrong place to post your application. It should be here: Delegate Application Template (Part 1) - #10152
or here: Delegate Application Template (Part 2) - #8018
Anyway, this activity has already ended 28th April, here is the announcement from discord: Discord

Now you can only vote for one of the delegates. Go to SPACE ID Scroll down and choose to whom you want to delegate. The domain name search function is not working yet, so you need to use the wallet address search. For example, you can enter my address in the search field (0xAFe934d660C157b7622cAD704BCd910972ccA72B), and it should be shown me.