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i think this is awesome concept





  • According to me Space ID Dao is the platform where various services like ID token holder can control funds held in Dao treasury, Share resources and work together to achieve their goals. It is secure and decentralized environment.

  • I contribute to the community by exploring their upcoming movements in social media, so people aware about it.

  • I am having 1 year experience in Web and dev testing

If you want to send your application, then it is wrong topic. Do it in Delegate Application Template

  • iceone.arb
  • Desentralisasi, Partisipasi, Publisitas
  • saya pemrogram (Java)
  • testnet, duta besar


Proposal: SPACE ID DAO Space Education Program

Problem: There is a lack of accessible and engaging space education opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. This can be a barrier to inspiring and educating the next generation of space enthusiasts and professionals.

Solution: Create a space education program that provides accessible and engaging space education opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. The program could be funded by a portion of the organization’s budget or through partnerships with educational institutions and organizations.

The education program could be structured as follows:

  • Curriculum development: Develop a space education curriculum that covers a wide range of space-related topics, including astronomy, astrophysics, space exploration, and the space industry. The curriculum could be designed for different age groups and learning levels, from primary school to university students and beyond.
  • Outreach and engagement: Promote the education program through outreach and engagement efforts, such as social media campaigns, partnerships with educational institutions and organizations, and participation in educational events and conferences.
  • Online learning platform: Create an online learning platform that provides access to the space education curriculum, as well as additional resources and interactive tools to enhance learning and engagement.
  • Community involvement: Encourage community involvement in the education program through partnerships with local schools, libraries, and community organizations. This could include providing resources and support for teachers and educators to incorporate the space education curriculum into their teaching.

Benefits: A space education program would provide several benefits to the SPACE ID DAO community and beyond, including:

  • Increased accessibility and engagement with space education opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Inspiration and education of the next generation of space enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Increased visibility and recognition of the SPACE ID DAO as a supporter of space education.
  • Potential for the education program to attract new members to the organization.

Overall, a space education program would be a positive step for the SPACE ID DAO in supporting space education and promoting the advancement of space exploration and the space industry.


My space id maruprj31.bnb

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space id is the best project that i saw i belive in it

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It will beat all other domains,space id is a very good project …to d moooon

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space id name is liaorun.bnb
I have extensive knowledge of Web3 technologies, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications (dApps), and smart contracts. I can provide insights and guidance on various Web3 platforms and their applications.
My skills in Web3 include:
Understanding and analyzing blockchain data
Developing and testing smart contracts
Interacting with Web3 APIs and decentralized networks
Providing guidance on cryptocurrency investments and trading strategies
Identifying potential security risks and recommending best practices for secure Web3 transactions
I am constantly updating my knowledge and skills in Web3 technologies to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to users.


This is good decision

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You need to post your application not here. Here is the link to the thread: Delegate Application Template (Part 2)
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Is there any deadline for submting proposal? I just want to work on it…

• bundemshake.bnb \ bundemshake.arb:

• SPACE ID is unique and makes a big thing in WEB3:

• I would like to be a part of this ecosystem

• I have 3-years experience in Web3

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I want to staking reward pool add this platform.

There is no requirement anywhere that you need to leave proposals

Staking will be in q4. There is a liquidity farm on:

And liquidity pool on https://www.mav.xyz/ and uniswap

Also you can find ID on Binance Earn (very small APY)