Will $ID price reach 2$ in 1 week

What do you think?
Will $ID Token price reach 2$ price in 1 week.


A week has passed since the publication of your post and the price has not increased to two dollars. Closing the topic or what?

The question was probably when $id was worth ~$1. A lot depends on bitcoin. Since bitcoin has fallen in value - respectively $ID is worth $0.75 at the time of my answer. ID is very good relatively to bitcoin, so if bitcoin will not fall, then maybe in 2-3 weeks $ID will be worth $1.3+, that is almost 2 times more from current price.
The probability is quite high, but not 100%))
This is not a recommendation, but no one will regret buying $ID.

relly? 2-3weeks worth $13?

I am waiting the price will go up again.

When do you think it will happen?
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