Tech Q: How to move SpaceID to safe wallet after hack

Hi All, :raised_hand:
I was wondering if there is a way to move your spaceID to another wallet after your wallet is compromised ?
A harder follow up question is, if you have a history of involvement with DAO or other things under that wallet address is there anyway to salvage all your reputation and move it to the new wallet ?

Thank you


If you mean ID tokens, then you just need to move them to a new wallet if possible.
There is no need to worry about participating in the DAO, since this activity is not rewarded in any way and there is no rating of participation in voting.
Moreover, if you do not have several million tokens on your balance, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to greatly influence the vote.

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Thanks, it doesn’t seem to allow me to transfer the token (could it be bound to my wallet)?
That’s good to know the DAO history won’t matter (although I still wanted to be involved and see if I could help out)
I still pose the question in terms of any other history that could matter for airdrops, etc?

Thanks again


Ty very much nbmmmkjjjhjhjjhhhjhhh

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