Support ticket system


As soon as I joined the Space ID discord, I started helping users and have been doing this for almost a year now. I even got a cool role and now I am the proud owner of the role of Space Aurora in the Space ID discord.
What is this preface for? I noticed that we lack a support system with tickets… at least as in the Galxe discord


The purpose of this proposal is to make the Space ID ecosystem even more friendly and convenient for the community


Here I will list the reasons why we need it:

For security reasons: there have been many cases when a user has some kind of problem, but he does not want to publicly tell which domain he is trying to register, because he is afraid that someone might do it before him. Or because of the desire to remain anonymous, that is, he simply does not want to link his discord with some kind of blockchain address or domain.
We also still have a problem with scammers. Are you asking a question in the #support channel? You can immediately receive an offer of “help” from a scammer in a personal message.

Feedback problem: users often come with questions about banning their own or other accounts. As a result, we ask for their user ID and pass the list… to an authorized employee. One day he answers, but to whom should I forward the answer? I have to use the discord search to remember which user asked the question and give out a whole queue of the same type of answers in the #support channel
If we omit the topic with bans, then I have already seen questions on the topic of receiving a prize from Space ID several times. Then, similarly, I redirect the question to a competent employee and wait for an answer. When and how does the user find out that his problem has been solved? A ticket system would be useful in many such cases.


To implement this proposal, it is enough to use some kind of discord bot. Here’s what it looks like in the Galxe discord:


I checked the prices of premium bots on the sites and Ticket Tool - Premium (just for example, I do not insist on using these bots).
The price is 6-7 dollars per month.
You will not have to hire support staff, since we, the participants of the Cosmic Council program, can continue to do this.
So this is probably the cheapest proposal of all that is in the section.

Expected Results

Increasing the loyalty of community members, improving the convenience for Cosmic Council members.

Risks and Challenges

The only drawback is that some users will create tickets just like that… to say “hello” or by mistake. It’s not so serious a problem to give up the whole idea.
In the future, Space ID will have a huge number of TLDs, so you will still need to improve the quality of user support.


I strongly agree with the points you’ve provided; indeed, there are many support cases that require personal space, such as sharing addresses and others. Therefore, we need to create a ticket.


Many users inquire about the Support Ticket System, which can be beneficial for both small and large servers. However, there are pros and cons to consider.


  1. Privacy: The ticket system allows users to submit requests with more confidentiality, as dialogues are often private.
  2. Easier Ticket Handling and Structuring: A ticket system helps structure and classify requests, making them more convenient for processing and prioritization.
  3. Individual Responses: Each user is guaranteed an individual response to their request, potentially increasing customer satisfaction.


  1. Tickets for Minor Issues: Sometimes users create tickets for minor questions, which can lead to support ticket overload.
  2. Ticket Overload on Large Servers: On large servers, the ticket system can quickly become overwhelmed, resulting in delays in handling requests.
  3. Missed Opportunity to Redirect Other Users: In a support chat, there’s an opportunity to assist multiple users with the same question simultaneously, which may not be possible in a ticket system.

I completely agree with your suggestion, it will improve navigation for new users. they will not look for someone to turn to for help and will not waste time and nerves on this… But they will calmly solve their problem and, without a doubt, will be satisfied…


Seems a good amount of contributors support the idea…and I also think this could be tried for a month atleast to see if it’s effective.

No doubts we do need the ticket system like in galxe discord or similar. But we still will need support channel also.
Some cases need to be solved privately because some users dont want to type their domains and addresses in public.
Some cases are ok to be solved in public - users with similar cases may read about it before and dont ask questions (it’s not true - nobody reads what was written before :slight_smile: )

So, my vote would be - yes.

I hope that there will be no useless ticket openings :pray:

there will be some for sure :slight_smile:

I think this is a good idea. A ticket system is needed. Many users are DMing their wallet when they have an inquiry just because they don’t feel good about sharing their wallets publicly. However, I think we shouldn’t use any public ticketing bot. The team needs to make a custom one, so whenever a user creates a ticket for a common question, they will get an automated answer from the bot leading them to a specific Space ID article depending on their question, and then the ticket will be automatically closed, And yeah I think this is the way to reduce the amount of useless tickets!