SpaceID Mobile App


Propose developing and implementing a mobile application for Space ID with the aim of significantly enhancing the user experience and expanding the platform’s functionality. I know that we have a mobile browser for accessing the platform, I also recognize that the mobile application offers several important advantages.


The goal of this project is to provide Space ID customers with a convenient and multifunctional tool that makes domains management and interaction with the Space ID ecosystem more intuitive and efficient.


Our mobile application will encompass a diverse range of features, including:

  • Domain Management: Users will be able to easily and quickly manage their domains through the mobile application.
  • Access to Statistics: Instant access to essential statistical information for more informed decisions regarding their domain portfolio.
  • Personalized Support: Online chat and prompt support will assist in resolving user queries swiftly and effectively.
  • Security: Multi-parameter security systems will ensure the protection of user accounts.
  • Notifications: The application will also provide users with real-time notifications, enhancing their engagement and keeping them informed of important updates and activities within the Space ID ecosystem.


To successfully implement the application, plan to:

  • Development and Testing: Development using advanced technologies and rigorous testing to guarantee the stable operation of the application.
  • Integration with Infrastructure: Ensure seamless integration of the application with the current Space ID infrastructure to minimize disruptions.
  • Performance Optimization: Rigorous testing and optimization will ensure that the application operates swiftly and without glitches.


Allocate the following resources for this project:

  • Design and Development Resources: $25,000.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: $5,000.
  • Other Expenses: In addition, it is necessary to consider expenses for hosting, updates, and support, which can amount to several thousand dollars per year.

Expected Results

We anticipate achieving the following outcomes:

  • A substantial improvement in the user experience on the Space ID platform.
  • Increased user activity and satisfaction.
  • Growth in the number of long-term users and, consequently, increased revenue for Space ID.

Risks and Challenges

Despite our efforts, we understand that there may be technical complexities during integration with the current Space ID platform. Additionally, we plan to actively gather feedback from users for continuous improvement of the application.

Additional Information

We strongly believe that the creation of a mobile application for Space ID will elevate competitiveness and customer satisfaction. We eagerly await the commencement of discussions and agreement on this proposal for the successful implementation of the project.

Thank you for considering proposal.


To be more accessible with minimal tech requirements this is a great tool I believe.I remember lot of users telling us that they don’t have access to a PC and so find it hard to manage their domains especially when it comes to .eth.So if a mobile app is built the larger portion of audience especially the ones who are into mobile gaming could use spaceid to register and manage domains which could be used in web3 gaming ecosystems.A good marketing is needed for the app to reach out to the masses I believe.

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By the way, yes, many users do not have a PC, it is much more convenient for them to use the application :hugs:

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Mobile app is really useful thing, a lot of users experienced problems and errors with Dapp at mobile with Trust wallet browser and other mobile browsers, but they were not able to use PC instead.
I usually use SafePal app with SpaceId Dapp and it works fine but SafePal is not leading wallet at this moment like metamask or TW.
Not sure also if EVM and no-EVM chains could be combined in one app.
There also could be a problem for ios app since apple wants to get commission for sales occurred in apps listed in Appstore. They dont look at crypto payments yet, but soon will, I think.

My vote yet, but we will need deeper research with devs regarding total average cost and possible problems.


Another problem is that the play store is under sanctions in some countries. but I don’t think this will affect payments from crypto wallets

I really like the notifications feature; it makes domain trading much faster. Imagine, whenever you receive an offer, you instantly get a notification on your phone – it’s quite impressive!

While the website works well on most mobile devices, it might not be as smooth on older devices with smaller screens and outdated browsers.

I think having an app would work great for EVM domains. You could easily connect your wallet, and you are ready to go! However, for non-EVM domains like .sei, it could be a problem because most non-EVM wallets don’t have mobile apps, so there’s no way to connect your wallet to the app.

This is a great and very cool idea… In the age of computer technology, it happens when the user is away from the computer, and with the SpaceID mobile application you can, as they say, always stay in touch and be aware of all the changes and news…)

the main thing is mobility and notifications, it will be great when you are always up to date with events :hugs: