SPACE ID Cosmic Council (Contributor Program) Rewards Proposal for Q4 2023


This proposal seeks funding for the SPACE ID Cosmic Council Rewards during the 4th quarter of 2023 (October - December). The program’s heart lies in recognizing and rewarding our contributors, known as the Cosmic Council, corresponding with their dedication to SPACE ID.


The adapted rewards program is conceived to ensure the Cosmic Council stays engaged, inspired, and consistently delivers quality contributions to our community. Through fair and tailored rewards, we wish to incentivize a deeper commitment, which is instrumental for the continued success of SPACE ID.


The refined funding proposal combines all contributor rewards into one comprehensive pool. This pool will cater to Cosmic Astras, Space Novas & Auroras, depending on their individual contributions to SPACE ID.


Contributions will be assessed using the same points-based system. However, the significant shift lies in the exclusive evaluation by the SPACE ID core team, ensuring that each contribution’s merit is recognized and aptly rewarded. Following the established structure, monthly reward distributions will happen at the beginning of each subsequent month, considering the contributions made during the previous month.


This reward system will run from October 1st to December 31st, 2023. The rewards will be distributed at the beginning of the next month.


A budget of of $21,000 is requested for Q4 2023. This allocation, reflecting a reduction from the prior quarter, is calculated based on the anticipated contributions and the streamlined rewards structure.

Expected Outcomes

  • Reinforced Contributor Incentives: Through consistent evaluation by the core team and the points-based system, contributors are assured of equitable rewards, bolstering their engagement and loyalty.
  • Prominent Social Media Presence: Through the rewards program, we anticipate fostering a consistent and noticeable presence of SPACE ID on social platforms. Our incentivized contributors will likely champion our cause, leading to regular mentions, discussions, and shares about SPACE ID, ensuring our message resonates within the Web3 space.
  • Broadened Integration Partner Ecosystem: The contributor program brings focus on potential new integration and grant integration partners for SPACE ID.

Additional Information

For a more in-depth insight into the initial design of the Cosmic Council, please refer to this blog post - Introducing Cosmic Council V2: An Updated Contributor Program.
Apply to become a member of the Cosmic Council here.


This is a great offer, I myself am an active participant in the Cosmic Council program and recommend that all other users who can help the project participate. Thanks to this program, I really see an increase in mentions of Space ID on Twitter, youtube and other media. Of course, I support this proposal, but I see that it is planned to reduce the budget by nine thousand dollars. What is the reason for the decrease in the budget for the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter?


Would be a great decision.The cosmic council would surround Space ID with the needed exposure and create an inevitable place in crypto space.


Sure it’s good proposal and I will vote Yes. This program is awesome and helps SpaceID grow faster. Reward is important thing to make people do different tasks to help project and I think this program shouldn’t be closed in the future. A transparent system of points and rewards for contributors is much better than waiting in obscurity for airdrop for their services.
Also hope budget will not decreased more in Q1 2024 :slight_smile:


This is fair. Right now, there aren’t many users in the program, and I think that’s a good thing. It lets us focus on providing high-quality content to the Space ID community.

I’d like to invite anyone with good knowledge to join this program. We all get rewarded nicely for our contributions :wink:


Great idea i will inform my friends about this cosmic council.

I’m pleased that we have this program that encourages contributors. It has garnered support from many users. I hope the team will effectively organize everything in the fourth quarter, ensuring transparency, as past experience has highlighted its importance. Users want to understand their mistakes and the way forward :id:

Additionally, the team’s support has a positive influence on the company👍


I think that such a decision in general and in the short term can have a positive and beneficial effect for SpaseID. I believe that Space Council members are always willing to do their best for a better approach. I think such a change will greatly increase efficiency and attract more attention in social media and generally in the web3 space…

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I think this offer is useful, people who work in this space and those who have proper information in this space can join and receive rewards depending on the time they spend and the activity they do👌
This shows the importance and value of the team and the project to the community, as well as their efforts to bring SpaceID to the top with the participation of the community and the contributors in this space, which I am completely optimistic about its future🍀


great proposal. there will be more people.