Proposal Template

Before submitting your proposal for a temperature check, you must first register an account in order to create posts and interact on the forum.

To create a proposal post, go to the ‘Proposals’ category and click on ‘New Topic’.

The proposal structure is outlined below:

  • Overview
    • A brief summary of the proposal and its main objective.
  • Purpose
    • Explain why the proposal is important for the DAO community and what it aims to achieve.
  • Scope
    • Describe the areas, features, or functionalities that the proposal covers or affects.
  • Implementation
    • Outline the major steps required to execute the proposal, including any necessary resources and tools.
  • Timeline
    • Provide an estimated schedule for the proposal’s implementation, including key milestones and deadlines.
  • Budget
    • Estimate the total cost of implementing the proposal, along with a detailed breakdown of expenses.
  • Expected Outcomes
    • Highlight the positive outcomes or advantages that the proposal is expected to bring to the DAO community.
    • If any, highlight any possible downsides or risks associated with the implementation of the proposal.
  • Additional Information (optional)
    • Include any relevant supplementary materials or references that support the proposal.

If necessary, you can add additional fields that will support crucial information regarding your proposal.