[Proposal] SPACE ID 1-year Anniversary Campaigns


  • Propose to launch the following campaigns to celebrate SPACE ID 1-year anniversary
  • Campaign 1: Offer renewal discount for the existing .bnb and .arb domains
  • Campaign 2: .bnb domain gift card giveaway


  • To alleviate the cost to renew domains
  • To encourage long-term utilization of domains in the SPACE ID eco-system
  • To promote community engagement

Scope & Budget

For campaign 1 (renewal discount):

  • To offer one-off renewal discounts during the campaign window, which will start from 2023/08/24, 8AM UTC to 2023/09/18, 8AM UTC
  • Eligibility for discount: .bnb and .arb domains, renewal of ≥1 year
  • The discounts only apply to the renewal of existing domains (i.e. does not affect the registration of new domains)
  • Discount ratio to be tiered with renewal years as below, to give higher discounts for longer-term renewals

For campaign 2 (gift card giveaway):

  • Budget: $50,000 worth of .bnb $5 gift card
  • Format: Galxe raffle campaign, with one of the key criteria being .bnb domain holder


  • Campaign 1: SPACE ID core team to implement a temporary new smart contract for renewal during the campaign window, to factor in the renewal discount
  • Campaign 2: SPACE ID operating team to organize and launch the gift card giveaway campaign


  • Propose to run an accelerated process, in order for the discount to be effective at SPACE ID 1-year anniversary on Aug 24th
    • Aug 15-19th, 5-day temperature check
    • Aug 20-24th, 5-day snapshot voting period

Expected Outcomes

  • Domain holders will have the option to renew their domains at a lower cost
  • From the perspective of DAO treasury, the potential negative revenue impact from the discount could be offset by increased renewal activities

Just do it for the best for community


>= means more or equal, so >=1 is valid for 1 year or more, which has no sense


just means cheaper for renewal of 1 year or longer


A great idea to keep the community going.
Many users have written about this to lower the cost of renewal
here are a few 1 2 3 4 5 6

they will have a chance to implement it

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No doubt, that would be great. Everybody loves to celebrate, and a 10,000 gift card giveaway is really generous. It will help many users who were considering not renewing their 5+ character domains to stay with SpaceID.

Regarding the discount, the current floor price is very low and trading volume is also low. People really want to hold expensive domains until mass adoption leads to a higher floor price and increased trading volume. Some of them, of course, will use the discount. If this proposal is implemented, it’s certain that many long-time users will stay with SpaceID.

Just one thing, what if to make bigger discount if user wants to renew few domains at a time?


Amazing news! Congrats! :partying_face:

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Looks awesome
But if it proposal where should i vote?

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Good suggestion, I’ll vote for it.

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nice news. where can i vote?

Wow congratulations space id

Congratulations SPACE ID :fireworks::sparkler:

Congratz, just do it

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It will be put to vote on Snapshot

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1 year celebrating, party up

It’s a great proposal. I support it

This idea sounds great, I will vote for this project​:technologist::flying_saucer::fireworks:

its great .bnb to the moon…

would benefit the community and take project a step forward!!

It would be great to do more domain skins in honor of the anniversary :star_struck: