[proposal] socials on the domain page

Space ID positions itself as a company that helps users with identification and personalization in the web3 world, so I think it would be useful to have the following interface improvement.

All domains have a page with technical information. Well, for example, there is a registration period, there is data on the transfer of the domain. For example, here is the page of my domain:

What can you find out about me on this page besides the wallet address and technical data about my domain? Nothing!

I suggest adding another tab to the domain page, something like “owner information”, where there will be contact information that domain owners can optionally fill in.
For example, influencers could insert links to profiles in their social networks or other channels (youtube/telegram), musicians could add links to soundcloud or something like that

Naturally, all links will have to be checked for phishing.

This proposal affects the SPACE ID interface by adding an additional tab. The goal is to improve the user interface and functionality by providing users with a more intuitive and effective means to post contact information about themselves.

The implementation of this functionality will make domain ownership more attractive, since they can be used as business cards. Like personal pages on link3 for example.

The more attractive the domains are, the more the Space ID earns on this :slightly_smiling_face: