[proposal] Referral system for sei.space.id

Today was opened pre-registration for domains in the sei network and I was recording a video on how to register a domain. I put the video on youtube and you know it would be great to be able to place the referral link in the description… but for sei.space.id somehow there is no referral system

I suggest adding an item like Referral like on the space.id:

This proposal affects the SPACE ID interface by adding an additional item like Referral to menu. The goal is to improve the user interface and functionality.

I don’t think that I should explain why the referral system is good, because for domains in the network bnb and arb it is very encouraged. Even a special campaign was in the second season to attract referrals.
At a minimum, this will have a positive impact on the replenishment of the DAO treasury by attracting and increasing the user base.

How much will it cost to add one item to the menu and implement a referral system for cosmos network? I believe that Space ID has good programmers, and they will cope with this task

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The idea is right, the referral program promotes a chain reaction to attract new users.

As we saw with other domains, the referral program was activated some time after the launch, I think it will be implemented later.
And it will be difficult to integrate .sei built on Cosmos into our main site.