[Proposal] Normalization of Single and Double digit emojis


Emojis play a big role in web3 domains, not only they look cool as a domain, but they are easier to use as your digital identity, single digit and double digit emojis are almost fully minted out, but unfortunately they cannot be used since they count as invalid.


Single and Double digits emojis are indeed 1 or 2 characters, however they contain more than 3 code points which should make them fully functional with .bnb and .arb domains just like .eth names.


The normalization means that people can buy, sell, and register Single and Double digit emojis just like any other regular domain.


  1. Ability to mint, trade, use single double digits emojis.
  2. Integration in Space ID supported wallets and Dapps

Expected Outcomes

  • Existing and New single and double digit emoji holders will be able to freely use their domains.
  • A bigger market for Space ID domains.
  • Bringing new audience into Space IDs ecosystem.