[Proposal] NFT trading platform


I propose introducing a feature on our website that enables the trading of NFTs associated with our project, including gift cards.


Create a dedicated collection solely for NFTs. This will expand the platform's capabilities, as users won't have to search through hundreds of thousands of our NFTs elsewhere – they will all be consolidated in one place.


Currently, users don't have the ability to sell their gift cards on the platform. I'm confident this can be implemented quite swiftly. Additionally, adding collections of OAT and our other NFTs would be a significant advantage.


This will involve several stages:
  1. Analysis – Assess competitors and delve into the intricacies of this integration.
  2. Development – The marketplace will be designed to align with the existing layout. Since development is built upon the existing platform, challenges should be minimal.
  3. Testing – To conclude, comprehensive testing is vital to unearth vulnerabilities and shortcomings, which can then be addressed. This can be conducted within a test network.


Given that development will occur on the existing platform, this can be accomplished in a relatively short timeframe.

Anticipating that project development will span three months according to the following timeline:

  • First month: analysis, user interface design.
  • Second month: development, testing.
  • Third month: error rectification, performance optimization.

Expected Outcomes:

We expect the platform to be user-friendly and exclusively utilized for trading on our website. Furthermore, this generates supplementary commissions for the DAO. Our aspiration is to centralize all functions in a singular space – this is a crucial step to undertake.

Perhaps if a separate collection with OATs related to Space ID appeared on the Space ID website, then this could prevent fraud cases. Well, I remember how on zealy before, some scammers often created a task with the purchase of NFT on opensea, but in fact they sold drawings @vahidnfc
If it would be possible to verify the authenticity of one or another NFT in this collection on the Space ID website, then this would complicate the task for scammers a little.

As for gift cards, I absolutely agree. They are transferable, they are traded on other NFT marketplaces such as opensea and element.market
So why not add the function of selling them to the Space ID website? It would be convenient for users and the Space ID DAO could earn on the trading commission

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thanks for support. I think we can start with gift cards. and in the future turn it into a full-fledged marketplace, not only with our NFTs. it will be a big leap forward :id::+1:

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This is indeed a good area to explore. However recent NFT market is rather bear given poor liquidity :joy:

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That’s true, the market dictates its own rules. but let’s integrate at least the sale of gift cards :handshake: :id: