[Proposal] Merch Space ID

In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, the connection between crypto tokens and merchandise is of interest to projects aiming to strengthen their community and attract new participants. Merchandise, including products featuring logos, symbols, or images associated with a crypto project, can serve not only an aesthetic purpose but also practical goals.

:small_orange_diamond:Brand reinforcement and identification:

Merchandise containing the symbolism and logos of a crypto project helps reinforce the brand and create a recognizable identity. Project enthusiasts can take pride in their dedication by wearing merchandise with the project’s symbols. This is a way to express support and become part of the community.

:small_orange_diamond:Attracting new participants:

Merchandising is an effective tool for attracting new participants. Products featuring the symbols of a crypto project can generate interest among people who were previously unfamiliar with the project. The wearer of the merchandise becomes a living advertising material, attracting the attention of others and arousing curiosity.

:small_orange_diamond:Financial support for the project:

The sale of merchandise can serve as an additional source of financial support for a crypto project. People who purchase products with the project’s symbols not only express their support but also contribute to its development. One idea is to use the project’s token for purchasing merchandise.

:small_orange_diamond:Building community and participation:

Merchandising can serve as a means of creating a community and fostering interaction among participants. Organizing events, contests, or promotions related to merchandise helps attract people and engage them in the project’s activities. This contributes to strengthening connections, sharing experiences, and building long-term relationships. Rewarding active participants with merchandise, will cause more activity.


I think that it is nice idea


Great idea, I need a sweatshirt :grinning:

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Looks cool and as you said it’s perfect for the project’s popularity and reach


Obviously, this will be implemented, since the creation of a merch store for domain owners was announced long before the creation of this proposal.

I read about this for the first time last year in the roadmap in a blog entry: SPACE ID Roadmap Is Out! (14.10.2022)

After that, such plans could be found in the updated roadmap on binance: SPACE ID (ID) A Web3 Identity Protocol with Multi-chain Name Service. (16.03.2023)

If this is implemented, then I have a couple of wishes:

  1. Give the opportunity to choose the material from which the T-shirts will be made. For example, I don’t wear cotton clothes and have completely switched to synthetic fabrics.

  2. Create several dispatch centers, as now many logistics operations are disrupted due to the geopolitical situation.

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A very good collection turned out … I would add an inscription on the side of the cap Spase ID

маркером допишешь потом

Маркером не так будет красиво)