[Proposal] Launching TLD .tko with Taiko Chain (Taiko Labs)


This proposal aims to collaborate between SPACE ID and Taiko Labs to launch the TLD .tko, in order to increase the recognition of both parties within the Crypto/Web3 community and boost revenue, etc.


The purpose of this proposal is to establish a partnership between SPACE ID and Taiko Labs to launch the TLD .tko. This will enhance the reputation of both parties within the Crypto/Web3 community and increase their revenue.


This proposal includes the launch of the TLD .tko on the Taiko chain, providing the Taiko community with identity services. The SPACE ID community and the Taiko community will also benefit from this TLD, as DApps on Taiko integrate the SDK and API of SPACE ID.


  1. Develop and structure the .tko TLD.
  2. Create a registration process that confirms ownership rights of .tko domains through a unique code.


The projected timeline for this project is approximately 2 months:

  1. Build and development: 1 month
  2. Testing: 2 weeks
  3. Preparation for official deployment: 2 weeks


The estimated budget for this proposal is $30,000, which will cover development, testing, official deployment, and related support costs. This budget includes development resources, software licenses, and any other necessary expenses.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Successful launch of the .tko TLD.
  2. Increased revenue and recognition for SPACE ID and Taiko within the Crypto/Web3 community.
  3. Improved user benefits through the utilization of SPACE ID domains.

Risks and Challenges:

One potential risk of launching the .tko domain is the announcement of no-airdrop for users participating in the testnet by Taiko. This may create negative effects on user sentiment towards Taiko, impacting the sales revenue of the .tko TLD. Additionally, the challenge of launching a domain on Taiko lies in the complexity of transitioning between testnet, mainnet, and token launch phases.

Additional Information:

Recently, Taiko has raised $22 million. While this may not be a substantial amount, as a user and leader of some communities, I can sense the FOMO from users towards Taiko. Taiko is the first project to test Layer 3, with millions of wallets participating in their test campaign. Furthermore, Taiko is expected to raise even more funds in the future. Launching the domain on Taiko is a promising proposal.

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