[Proposal] Launching TLD .mnt with Mantle Network


This proposal seeks to establish a collaboration between SPACE ID and Mantle Network, with backing from BitDao (by ByBit), for the launch of the TLD .mnt. The primary objectives are to enhance the recognition of both entities within the Crypto/Web3 community and drive revenue growth.


The purpose of this proposal is to formalize a partnership between SPACE ID and Mantle Network for the launch of the TLD .mnt. This strategic initiative aims to bolster the reputation of both entities within the Crypto/Web3 ecosystem while simultaneously increasing our revenue streams.


This proposal encompasses the launch of the .mnt TLD on the Mantle Network, providing identity services to the Mantle community. Additionally, the SPACE ID community and the Mantle community will derive benefits from this TLD, as DApps on Mantle will integrate SPACE ID’s SDK and API.


  1. Develop and structure the .mnt TLD.
  2. Create a registration process that validates ownership rights of .mnt domains through a unique code.


The projected timeline for this project is approximately 2 months:

  • Build and development: 1 month
  • Testing: 2 weeks
  • Preparation for official deployment: 2 weeks


The estimated budget for this proposal is $30,000, which will cover development, testing, official deployment, and related support costs. This budget includes resources for development, software licenses, and any other necessary expenses.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Successful launch of the .mnt TLD.
  2. Increased revenue and recognition for SPACE ID and Mantle within the Crypto/Web3 community.
  3. Enhanced user benefits through the utilization of SPACE ID domains.

Risks and Challenges:

The risks and challenges associated with launching this TLD are relatively minimal. The primary challenge lies in overcoming competition to secure collaboration with Mantle and to develop the .mnt TLD successfully.

Additional Information:

  • Mantle is a product of BitDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) launched by the centralized exchange, ByBit, to support and empower builders within the cryptocurrency space. It is backed by prominent investors such as Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and others.
  • EcoFund, with an activation capital of $200 million, holds promise in fostering the ecosystem’s growth in the coming years.
  • Most importantly, the substantial user base of ByBit indicates the potential for a significant boost in SPACE ID’s reach upon launching the TLD on Mantle, especially when ByBit integrates $MNT deposits and withdrawals through our .mnt TLD.

I completely agree! Increasing the number of supported networks will be beneficial for our project. Integration is important, but it’s also crucial to provide a strong marketing proposition for smooth operation. Let’s continue working on this to make our proposal even more attractive to users. :saluting_face: