[Proposal] Launching .sid or .id TLD for SPACE ID Community


This proposal seeks to establish a unified top-level domain (TLD) for SPACE ID community, built using the SPACE ID 3.0 toolkit.


The purpose is twofold: in the short term, it aims to provide new and diverse utilities for the SPACE ID community. In the long term, it envisions a multi-chain domain from the outset.


The proposal encompasses the launch of the .sid or .id TLD for SPACE ID community using the SPACE ID 3.0 toolkit. This will allow users to have a shared domain utility while benefiting from various functionalities of dApps on integrated SDKs and APIs provided by SPACE ID. Furthermore, this TLD can evolve into a multi-chain domain in the future.


  • Develop and shape the structure of the .sid or .id TLD using the SPACE ID 3.0 toolkit.
  • Integrate it into the SPACE ID Web3 Name SDK for collaboration with SPACE ID partners.
  • Develop a registration process, confirming ownership rights of .sid or .id domains for users through a unique code.


The projected project timeline is approximately 2 months:

  • Build and development: 1 month
  • Testing: 2 weeks
  • Preparation for official deployment: 2 weeks


The estimated budget for this proposal, covering development, testing, official deployment, and related support costs, is $30,000. This budget accounts for development resources, software licenses, and any ancillary costs associated with the endeavor.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Successful launch of the .sid or .id TLD
  • Increased revenue and popularity for SPACE ID within the Web3 community
  • Enhanced user benefits through the use of SPACE ID domains
  • Future expansion of this TLD into a multi-chain domain

Risks and Challenges:

While the benefits of launching this TLD are substantial, it’s essential to acknowledge the inherent complexities and subjectivity involved in introducing separate domain name for SPACE ID community. There’s a potential risk of reduced revenue from selling separate TLDs for each chain or Web3 community. However, this reduction is expected to be negligible, as users or fans of specific chains or communities would still be eager to register “their chains or communities” domain names.

Additional Information:

In conclusion, I strongly believe that launching this dedicated TLD for SPACE ID community is crucial. This is especially timely given the impending official release of SPACE ID 3.0, the increasing number of chain-specific TLD launches on SPACE ID, and the growing integration of SDKs and APIs by chains partners. Furthermore, this also holds the promise of a multi-chain domain in the future, alongside avoiding the complexities of domain duplication across different chains.


Your information is very helpful
thank you :heart_eyes:

Create Space ID domains for your own community? It’s original, but who needs it? It would be interesting to see the opinions of other community members.
Personally, I have quite a lot of .bnb domains, one .arb domain and one .eth domain
After several months of use, I realized that in fact, only one domain would be enough for me - .bnb, since I don’t use the arbitrum network, but from .eth domain benefits are much less than the tens of dollars spent on it, which went only to the network fee.
Therefore, I personally would not like to buy another domain.

Yep, however i think with one “chain TLD”, users can only access the benefits of integrated dapps on that specific chain. Additionally, while the TLDs launched for Web3 communities will have integrated functionalities with partners across chains, they cannot possess the specific distinct utilities that TLD .sid or .id can offer (as my lastest proposal about the upgrade of “bnb.me”). Furthermore, .sid or .id have the potential to evolve into a multi-chain domain name.

Multi-chain domain name… I’ve seen it before somewhere… :smile:


Hmm, i think universal domain is superior to multi-chain domain.