[Proposal] Increasing designs and skins of domains

Proposal for Space ID Domains Visual Enhancement

This proposal outlines a aimed at achieving this by introducing captivating images, new domain skins, and attractive social media art. The goal is to rekindle user enthusiasm for buying and trading Space ID domains, with a particular focus on domains such as .bnb and .arb

The primary purpose of this idea to reinvigorate user engagement on the Space ID Domains platform. By integrating visually appealing elements and designs, we intend to stimulate users’ active participation in buying and selling Space ID domains. The Proposal seeks to enhance the overall user experience, making it more captivating and dynamic.

The Proposal encompasses three key components:

New and Exciting Images: We will curate and integrate a collection of captivating images throughout the platform. These images will be strategically placed to capture users’ attention and encourage them to explore and engage with the domain trading options.

New Domain Skins: Our team will design and introduce a selection of fresh domain skins, allowing users to customize the appearance of their domains. These skins will not only enhance visual appeal but also offer a unique branding opportunity for domain owners.

Attractive Social Media Art: We will create visually striking artwork tailored for Space ID Domains’ social media channels. These designs will serve to increase the platform’s visibility on social networks and attract potential users.

The proposal will be implemented as follows:

Image Curation and Design: Collaborate with a creative team to source and design captivating images, domain skins, and social media artwork.

Integration: Seamlessly integrate the new images and domain skins into the Space ID Domains platform. Update the platform’s social media profiles with the new artwork.

The proposal is expected to be completed within one week from initiation, with the following timeline:

Days 1-3: Image curation and design.
Days 4-5: Integration of new images and domain skins.
Days 6-7: Launch marketing campaign.
The estimated budget for this suggestion is $10,000, allocated for designer fees. This budget will cover the costs associated with image curation, design, and integration, ensuring that we can secure the highest quality visuals for the Space ID Domains platform.

Expected Outcomes:
Upon successful suggestion completion, we anticipate the following outcomes:

Enhanced Visual Appeal: The introduction of new images, domain skins, and social media art will make the Space ID Domains platform more visually captivating and memorable.

Growing User Base: The marketing campaign will attract new users to the platform, further expanding the Space ID Domains community.

Additional Information:
Successful suggestion execution will necessitate close collaboration between the Space ID Domains team and the creative team responsible for design and integration. Regular progress updates and feedback sessions will be scheduled to ensure the suggestion’s success.

In conclusion, this proposal aims to breathe new life into the Space ID Domains platform by incorporating visually enticing elements and promoting the trading of specific domains. With the proposed budget and timeline, we are confident that this suggestion will significantly boost user enthusiasm and engagement, ultimately leading to a more vibrant and prosperous Space ID Domains community.

The examples I made with stable diffusion ai are from .bnb and .arb domains skin

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Yeah, I’ve mentioned this before, it would be nice to launch new skins on the anniversary of the bnb domains
it may very well have a positive effect