[Proposal] Empowering Non-Owners to Extend Domains


This proposal aims to introduce a feature that would enable individuals who are not the current owners of domains to renew them. Currently, only domain owners have the authority to renew their domains. The objective is to expand this capability to non-owners, enhancing flexibility and usability.


Since the introduction of domains, numerous users have transferred them to the Binance NFT marketplace. However, during the grace period, users face restrictions preventing them from withdrawing or extending these domains. This situation puts users at risk of losing their domains.


The proposal encompasses the development and integration of domain renewal capabilities within the SpaceID platform. This feature will empower users to take action during the grace period, reducing the risk of domain loss.


To implement this proposal, the existing domain infrastructure must be modified to support third party domain renewals. Develop a user-friendly interface and authentication mechanisms.


The estimated timeline for implementing this feature is approximately one months. This includes development, extensive testing, and final deployment.


I believe the budget should not exceed $5,000.

Expected Outcomes:

The introduction of domain renewals during the grace period will provide users with the means to protect their investments. It ensures that users have the opportunity to recover or extend their domains when they need it the most.

Risks and Mitigation:

Potential risks include increased support demands and concerns related to abuse of the feature.

Additional Information:

This proposal is aligned with user feedback and addresses a critical issue in the domain ecosystem. It reflects the commitment to creating a more user-centric and secure environment.


I know another little risk. :smile:
I have seen real stories when a user wanted to buy a domain on ENS, but by his own mistake extended the term of its registration.
That is, users may mistakenly extend the registration period for domains that belong to other users.

Yes, it’s quite possible, need educational material. But I don’t think that would help either😂

That might be good feature. For example I have some domains in a few wallets and I have few gift cards at another wallet. Instead of transferring domains or gift cards and spending tx fee, I will be able to use gift cards at primary wallet to extend domains at secondary and that would be cool.
Btw, this option should be bulk also.

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By the way, yes, you did write about gift cards. I forgot to mention them. :+1:

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Dont know if true “web3 ownership” is being compromised here but has huge upside for sure because of not having to go login on all the wallets for a domain extension.Also as Ivan suggested bulk extend could make it smooth and facilitates the upcoming communities in manually extending the validity for their whole community(gaming,social etc) as well.

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