[Proposal] Developing Domain Name Evaluation and Price Estimation Tools for SPACE ID


This proposal outlines the development of a domain name evaluation and price estimation feature for the SPACE ID platform, reminiscent of tools offered by services such as ENSKit, ENS Appraiser or GoDaddy’s domain appraisal tool. This tool will offer fair market value estimations for domain names, improving the user experience and stimulating higher domain trade volumes on SPACE ID. Importantly, the introduction of this feature could also serve as a significant revenue source for the community if implemented with a subscription-based or tiered payment model, thereby supporting the sustainability and development of SPACE ID.


The chief objective of this proposal is to provide SPACE ID users with a reliable and straightforward method for estimating the value of their domain names. Such a tool is invaluable to users looking to sell their domain names, but are uncertain of how to appropriately price them. By offering this feature, we equip users with knowledge about the potential value of their domain names, which could, in turn, encourage more transactions within the SPACE ID marketplace.


The proposed tool will cater to all domain names registered on SPACE ID, delivering:

  1. Domain Appraisals: Fair market value estimates based on a wide range of data sources.
  2. Appraisal Report: Detailed report highlighting the valuation process and final value of the domain.
  3. Bulk Appraisal: Functionality for appraising multiple domains simultaneously.
  4. Expert Advice: Recommendations and guidelines on the selling or buying process.
  5. Brokerage Service: Support with selling a domain for a small fee.
  6. Valuation Certificate: Documentation confirming the appraised value of the domain.


The process of implementing this feature will consist of:

  1. Conducting comprehensive research and analysis of existing domain appraisal methods used by other services.
  2. Designing the architecture of the tool and user interface.
  3. Developing and integrating the tool within the SPACE ID platform.
  4. Running tests to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the tool.
  5. Creating and disseminating documentation to educate users on how to utilize the tool.


The estimated project timeline spans approximately 4-6 months:

  1. Research and Design: 1-2 months
  2. Development and Integration: 2-3 months
  3. Testing and Documentation: 1 month


The total estimated budget for the project is $10,000. The funds will be allocated as follows:

  1. Research and Design: $2,000
  2. Development and Integration: $5,000
  3. Testing and Documentation: $2,000
  4. Contingency and unforeseen expenses: $1,000

Expected Outcomes

The introduction of this tool will grant SPACE ID users a transparent and user-friendly method for estimating the value of their domain names, enabling them to make more informed decisions and potentially enhancing activity on the SPACE ID platform. This initiative also promises to further differentiate SPACE ID from competitors, aligning it with the vision of being a comprehensive platform for managing web3 domains. Moreover, if implemented with a subscription-based or tiered payment model, the tool could generate additional revenue for the community, promoting the platform’s sustainability and future development.


While the benefits of this tool are substantial, it’s critical to acknowledge the complexities and subjectivity involved in domain appraisal. The tool’s estimated values might not always align with the final sale price of a domain, potentially leading to user dissatisfaction. This risk can be mitigated by including clear disclaimers and prioritizing user education about the appraisal process and its variables.

Additional Information

To ensure the effective development of the domain name evaluation and price estimation tool, a number of additional resources and methodologies will be considered:

1. Research Methodology: A comprehensive literature review and market research will be conducted to understand best practices and current market trends in domain name appraisals. We will examine methodologies utilized by other prominent services such as ENSKit, ENS Appraiser, and GoDaddy, evaluating their strengths and limitations.

2. Industry Standards: We will consult industry standards and guidelines relevant to domain name evaluation and appraisal, which will help inform our approach. This includes looking into how specific factors such as top-level domain (TLD), name length, keywords, and current market trends are considered in appraisals.

3. Stakeholder Input: Feedback and input from SPACE ID users and other stakeholders will be sought to ensure the tool aligns with user needs and expectations. This may involve conducting user surveys or hosting community discussions to gain insights into what users value in a domain name appraisal tool.

4. Data Privacy and Security: We will adhere to best practices to ensure the privacy and security of user data during the appraisal process. This includes implementing robust data encryption and anonymization methods, and making sure all activities comply with relevant data protection laws and regulations.

5. Collaborations: We might collaborate with external experts or consultancies specializing in domain name evaluation and appraisals, to ensure the tool is built on a solid and reliable foundation. Their expertise and knowledge in this area could help us create a more accurate and user-friendly tool.