[Proposal] Cosmic Council Program Rewards for Q1-Q2 of 2024


This proposal seeks to secure funding from the SPACE ID DAO treasury for the SPACE ID Cosmic Council (contributor program) Rewards for the 1st quarter (January- March) and 2nd quarter (April-June). This program plans to reward those contributing to SPACE ID, collectively known as the Cosmic Council, reflecting their individual contribution efforts.


The rewards program is crucial in keeping our Cosmic Council an active, motivated, and high-performing program. It’s designed to encourage more contributions, get the community involved, and attract new talent, which are all vital for the growth and success of SPACE ID.


This funding proposal includes rewards for all contributors at various levels, such as Cosmic Astras, Space Novas & Auroras, based on their individual performance and contributions to SPACE ID.


  1. The rewards will be given based on a points system related to their contributions, reviewed and evaluated by SPACE ID core team.
  2. The reward distribution will occur monthly. This process will rely on the points system and an evaluation of contributions for the previous month.


This proposal covers the Cosmic Council rewards for the period until end of June, 2024. The rewards for the qualified contributors will be distributed monthly, at the start of each month, for the previous month’s contributions.


The requested budget is $45,000 to run the contributor program for Q1-Q2 of 2024. This amount is calculated considering the current number of active contributors.

Expected Outcomes

  • Reinforced Contributor Incentives: Through consistent evaluation by the core team and the points-based system, contributors are assured of sufficient rewards, increasing their engagement and loyalty.
  • Social Media Presence: We anticipate an increased presence of SPACE ID on social platforms. Contributors will continue sharing all latest SPACE ID news and updates, leading to regular mentions, discussions, and new users.
  • Broadened Integration Partner Ecosystem: The contributor program brings focus on potential new integration and grant integration partners for SPACE ID.

Additional Information

For a more in-depth insight into the initial design of the Cosmic Council, please refer to this blog post - Introducing Cosmic Council V2: An Updated Contributor Program.

Apply to become a member of the Cosmic Council here


great. contributor program deserve it. many attempt on our community

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I agree with babyz, this is what a contributor program deserve :slight_smile:

Good news for everyone who already participates in the Cosmic Council :heart_eyes:


I’m really looking forward to it. Good project! Good project! I hope you can communicate more, have a smooth project, and remain a good project. Oh! I should go update the domain. Thank you.

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Excellent program, I’m very glad that they extended it for at least 2 more quarters

I’m sure this program helps SpaceID grow faster, every good project need its contributors team and contributors works harder with good compensation :slight_smile:

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I noticed that in the last quarter, $21,000 was allocated to finance the contribution program, and it is proposed to allocate $22,500 each for the next two quarters. Is it because there are more interesting activities ahead of us?

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I agree with babyz, this is what a contributor program

Great proposal will benefits us in the future, :100:

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I may note that the program is a skillfully structured and motivational mechanism to reward participants’ contributions. The requested budget underlines the seriousness of recognizing and incentivizing participants.
Overall, the proposal seems like a well-thought-out step towards developing an active and motivated community🚀

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Great I agree with babyz, this is what a contributor program

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