[Proposal] Collaboration to Upgrade the "bnb.me" Project to "sid.me" or "id.me"

Note: This proposal is intended for the case of the proposal “Launch TLD .sid or .id for SPACE ID community” being accepted.


This proposal aims to transform “bnb.me” into a “Web3 social network” or a “Web3 native social platform”, etc.


The purpose is to create a dedicated website (with a focus on Web3) for the SPACE ID community. This platform will provide SPACE ID users with the best services in the Web3 world through the TLD of SPACE ID.


The proposal includes collaborating to upgrade the “bnb.me” project to become “sid.me” or “id.me,” possibly even transforming “bnb.me” into an official project of SPACE ID. Develop it into a website (with a Web3 emphasis) that evolves into a “Web3 social network” or “Web3 native social platform”, etc.


  • Build, develop, and define the structure for “sid.me” or “id.me.”
  • Develop utilization processes for user


The project is estimated to take about 3 months:

  • Build and development: 2 months
  • Testing: 2 weeks
  • Preparation for official deployment: 2 weeks


The estimated budget for this proposal, covering development, testing, deployment, and user education, is $10,000. This budget will account for development resources, software licenses, and any related ancillary costs.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Successful launch of the “sid.me” or “id.me” website.
  • Increase the sales volume of .sid or .id, enhancing SPACE ID’s visibility within the web3 community.
  • Enabling SPACE ID users to have a top-notch experience in the Web3 world.
  • In the future, this project could embrace the concept of “Web3.”

Risks and Challenges:

While the risks are minimal when implementing this project, this doesn’t necessarily mean that challenges will be few. “sid.me” or “id.me” will face numerous competitors pursuing similar directions. To stand out and surpass these competitors, “sid.me” or “id.me” will need a unique, exceptional approach to attract more users and get closer to the “Web3” concept.

Additional Information:

I believe that implementing this project could be a significant turning point for SPACE ID, potentially opening up new directions. The demand for platforms like “Web3 social network” or “Web3 native social platform”, etc., is steadily growing. Furthermore, SPACE ID is currently constructing a multi-chain domain name and its primary objective is to establish a universal domain name. As a result, there will be significant relevance to this project.