[Proposal] Adding sub-names to the domains of the SPACE ID Ecosystem

This proposal aims to enhance the SPACE ID ecosystem by introducing the sub-name feature to various domains within its subcategories. Additionally, this feature will be integrated into the SPACE ID marketplace. Sub-names, which act as subordinate identifiers to parent names, will provide users with greater control and flexibility over their digital assets, which is also used in ENS domains.

General Description:
In the crypto , a name is a fundamental identifier. However, sub-names introduce a new level of granularity. A sub-name is essentially a name under a parent name. For instance, in the domain resolver.spaceid.bnb, “spaceid.bnb” represents the name, while “resolver” is the sub-name. Sub-names inherit permissions from their parent names but offer increased control. Parent name owners can modify or even revoke permissions, granting sub-names more autonomy.

The introduction of sub-names serves multiple purposes:

Brand Identity: Sub-names can represent brand extensions or be issued to employees, enhancing brand identity and professionalism. For example, dao.Curve.bnb sub-names can represent Curve Project employees, akin to company email addresses.

Community Engagement: Issuing sub-names carries a low cost, making it an excellent tool for rewarding communities. Sub-names can be offered for participating in events, joining DAOs, owning NFTs, and more.

The estimated timeline for this proposal is approximately one month, broken down as follows:

Development and Integration: 3 weeks
Testing and Quality Assurance: 1 week
Documentation and Educational Materials: Ongoing during the development process

The estimated cost for implementing the sub-name feature in the SPACE ID ecosystem is $20,000. This budget will encompass development, integration, testing, and documentation expenses.

Expected Outcomes:
The implementation of SPACE ID sub-names is expected to yield substantial benefits:

Enhanced Branding: Companies can use sub-names for brand representation, promoting professionalism and identity.
Revenue Generation: Selling sub-names offers a potential income stream, especially for valuable keywords.
Community Rewards: Sub-names encourage community engagement and can be used to reward participation in various activities.
User Engagement: The SPACE ID ecosystem will become more versatile, attracting a broader user base and driving overall engagement.


Seem that look like sub-domain on Starknet ID?

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good idea. this can be used to identify an employee of a particular company. i wish i had shaman.id.bnb

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No, like subdomains on ENS: The Complete Guide To ENS Subdomains (2023 Guide)

Subdomains in ENS were when Starknet ID walked under the chair even in the testnet was not. :smile:

This feature has been requested by users for a long time:

We definitely need it. There are many reasons, you can rest on the link above.


Quite useful for the creator community and for a group or DAO to operate under a common wing.Issuing subdomains and giving access to the community as far as a creator or gamer is concerned will be quite useful in the coming years.Maybe the parent owner can use and distribute copy data of the NFT they hold and this boosts the NFT value as well as seen in some platforms.Hope it goes through.