[Proposal] Adding Advanced Search to the SPACE ID Marketplace

To enhance user accessibility and facilitate the discovery of desired domains, we propose the integration of an advanced search feature. This advanced search functionality will empower users to efficiently filter domain listings based on specific criteria, thereby increasing convenience and satisfaction.

The primary purpose of implementing an advanced search feature within the SPACE ID Marketplace is to improve user access and convenience in finding the domains that best match their requirements. This feature will enable users to refine their searches based on various domain attributes, thereby enhancing the overall user experience. By providing a more efficient search mechanism, we aim to attract a broader user base, promote professionalism

The scope of this project encompasses the development and integration of an advanced search engine into the SPACE ID Marketplace.

The advanced search functionality will include the following features:

Length Range (Minimum and Maximum).
Starts/End With (Custom character sequence).
Letters-Only or Alphanumeric.
Normalized Search (Accented characters, special characters).
Unicode Support.
Emoji Search.
Invisible Character Search.
Expiration Date Range.
Premium Domain Filter (Minimum and Maximum price).
Listing Date Range.
Price Range (Minimum and Maximum).
Listing Type Filter (e.g., Auction, Buy Now).
Availability Status (Unregistered, For Sale).
Tag-Based Search (e.g., #0x, #english, #palindromes, #arabic).
Also, items other than this list that can be included by the experienced programming team of SPACE ID can make the advanced search of domains more distinctive and user-friendly.

Regular testing and quality assurance checks will be conducted to guarantee the featureā€™s reliability and user-friendliness.

The proposed timeline for the implementation of the advanced search feature is approximately 3 weeks. This timeline is divided into the following phases:

Week 1: Requirement Analysis and Planning
Week 2: Development and Testing
Week 3: Deployment and User Training

The estimated budget for this project, covering development, testing, deployment, and user training, is $12000. This budget will account for development resources, software licenses, and any ancillary expenses related to the project.

Expected Outcomes:
Upon successful implementation of the advanced search feature, we anticipate the following outcomes:

1- Greater Efficiency: Users will experience improved efficiency when searching for domains, resulting in a more streamlined browsing experience.
2- Increased Professionalism: The advanced search feature will attract professional users looking for specific domain attributes, elevating the marketplaceā€™s credibility.
3- Broadened User Base: The enhanced usability of the platform is expected to draw a wider audience, contributing to the marketplaceā€™s growth.
4- Enhanced User Satisfaction: Users will find it easier to discover domains that meet their needs, leading to higher user satisfaction and retention.

Additional Information:
Support and training will be provided to users, and regular feedback assessments will be conducted to improve the featureā€™s performance and usability.


Valuable proposal. Cause not enough filtration parameters. Than more parameters than easier to use from Mobile. E.g. from TrusWallet smart contract wallet

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some of these filters may be useful. but many are already in use. you can also find specific domains using existing collections, the same emoticons, there are so many of them that you need to do a search in the collections.
As can see in the photo, we have Availability Status, Price Range, Expiration Date Range.
interesting idea to use hashtags