[proposal] Add the option to delete the primary domain

Hi, I am the proud owner of the Space Aurora role in the Space ID discord. I spend a loooot of time in the Space ID discord and noticed a certain pattern in user requests: some of them are trying to find out how to do the reverse process, that is, how to return to using addresses instead of domains.

Here is one of them: https://discord.com/channels/953120695431331901/953120793817149480/1125757723645067305

This can happen for various reasons: for example, a user bought some of the cheapest domain on the secondary market just to participate in a galxe campaign or other short-term activity. The campaign is over, and the user still sees some kind of ugly name instead of his address. At the moment, he is not ready to spend money on another domain name.
How to get rid of it? At the moment, the ways to do this resemble some clever tricks, since there is simply no such function.

I suggest adding an item like (none) to the primary domain selection interface.

This proposal affects the SPACE ID interface by adding an additional item like (none) to the primary domain selection interface. The goal is to improve the user interface and functionality.

From the implementation of this function, Space ID will receive respect from users and invisible points in karma.
This is a matter of reputation, I believe that even stopping the use of Space ID domains, users should feel satisfied, and not scold the service on the Internet because it is difficult to disable it.

How much will it cost to add one item to the menu?


The idea is interesting, but I don’t see the point of it. You can remove the primary domain by simply changing the record address.
Perhaps it is not so convenient, but still there is a solution.
Also some people said that just transfer the domain to another wallet. It doesn’t work like that, until the record address is changed the domain can remain your primary

Its good to have easier ways to remove primary name…

Yes, that’s right, I was just pointing out an existing way to do it.

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