MoonPay Payment Integration

Sup guys it me Thomas, your old friend. How are you guys? I just want you all know that sometimes I miss you guys. Please don’t misunderstand I have no intention of coming back, I have a suggestion and I think your project will need it. Let me briefly talk about it

it’s called credit card payment, u will need to add this payment method to SPACE ID. I know there will be some friends who say we don’t need it because we can pay with crypto, but look at other domain name services like ENS or Unstoppable, they all have credit card payment gateways.

Even Base Name Service has it:

If all domain name projects have it, it means it’s important and you guys need to have it too. I recommend to use MoonPay because it is quite popular MoonPay: Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos . That all i want to proposal.

The reason for this proposal is that I am on holiday, I want to look back at the achievements I have achieved in the past year. I signed a 3-year contract with the company and I’m quite busy right now. We are developing a new generation of Virtual Reality glasses and this time the opponent is Apple. That “fruit company” is a formidable competitor So I have to put all my effort into the company and don’t have much time left. I’m still quite interested in Web3 domain name projects so I spent time researching ENS and Coinbase, I’m supporting them as a member of the community. This is not for money or profit, I’m just passionate about it and want to contribute to it. I hope you guys don’t misunderstand that I want to confront you all. ENS has a large community and they only focus on one chain - Ethereum, Supporting the project doesn’t help me make a profit, it just helps build a network and meet new friends.

From the bottom of my heart I apologize if I have unintentionally hurt anyone, I hope to receive your forgiveness. just want you to know it’s not personal, I just want to help the project the best I can and I will do whatever it takes. Sorry if sometimes I have been too hot temper and harsh with you.

I still believe that SPACE ID is a potential project and will develop very strongly. I wish you good health and success in the coming year. love you all forever (No Homo)

Thomas Wu


When again airdrop for SpaceId user ?

have no idea, I have been away from the project for about 4 months

Hey, Thomas, glad you’re doing well.

Expanding payment methods provides more flexibility and convenience for users, especially those who prefer traditional payment methods.

This could also attract new customers who might be interested in domain purchases but prefer using credit cards over cryptocurrencies. Such diversity in options makes the service more accessible and appealing to a broader range of users.

However, when implementing new payment methods, it is crucial to ensure the security of transactions and safeguard customer data. Continuous monitoring and updating of the security system will be key factors in the success of this proposition.

No doubts we need such feature. it will increase customer’s convenience, like when I want to buy domain in the network I don’t have token yet. It will also improve accessibility for new crypto-users that are not familiar with crypto yet.
Diversification of payment options gives users the flexibility to choose the payment method that best suits their preferences and circumstances.
By incorporating bankcard payments alongside crypto transactions, SpaceID can tap into a larger customer base.

Hi sir, how you doing.
Completely agree with you, if not careful it can be exploited by hackers. About a decade ago I spent time at BlackHatWorld, understanding quite well how credit card criminals work as well as how to check bin and bypass verifed by Visa / Mastersecure code. That’s why SPACE ID should integrate Moonpay - It is the payment gateway trusted by both Coinbase and Metamask, they will be responsible for everything, SPACE ID just needs to integrate it.

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Yeah man you think like me, Almost all domain name services already have it, which means you need to integrate it too. Do you still remember when I proposed to launch a domain name for Shiba Inu? Their founders decided to launch their own domain name and will also integrate payment by Shiba token / Credit card too.