Let talk about .SEI Domain Galxe

What is the team planning down for .sei Domain??

Any update about people who claims the OAT ??

And it’s most someone has the 3 OAT from .sei galxe campaigns??

Any info on this


Of course there are those who got three tickets.

you just need to follow the news and complete the task in time.

unless you had a test domain before July 29th.
can now only claim two OATs.
The Ticket II
The Ticket III
the companies will end on August 20th.


What if someone completed the Ticket 1 task but unable to claim the OAT

Does those people to have chance if they meet up claiming the
Ticket 2 & Ticket 3

The final list of test domain owners was updated on August 2nd. I don’t think it will be updated again. I mean, if you don’t get the first ticket, you don’t claim for it.
And I think there will be more tickets, more than three. Stay tuned to discord.

More wl giveaways (from Space ID and partners):

Yes. A new ticket has been added today. but you can also win WL from partners :id::+1:

How to finish all task?

Added ticket #4 received.

each task has a description
for example
you need

  • 4everland_org‘s Twitter followers
  • SID_sei_name - Twitter Followers
  • 4EVERLAND Discord Verified
  • SPACE ID Discord members who have explorer role.
  • 4everland_org’s Tweet quoters who also mentioned at least 3 friends.
  • 4everland_org’s Tweet likers

just click on the assignments and there’ll be clues.

can u explain what use for this ticket i have 3 tickets ii iii iv

There is no exact information. but there is an assumption that 1 ticket gives access to buy 1 .sei domain on presale.