Keplr support on sei name service


At the end of August this year, domain names were registered on the SEI network. The Space ID discord had a special subsection with news on the SEI Name Service and also had a special channel with users feedback. So there were quite a few requests in this channel to add support for the Keplr wallet.
I am duplicating the proposal here, since all feedbacks and suggestions in the discord have been deleted along with the subsection about SEI Name Service.


The purpose of this proposal is to make the Space ID ecosystem even more friendly and convenient for the community


Go to keplr extension page on Chrome web store and look at the number of users that install this extension. I see “900,000 users”

But now go to and try to connect wallet. What do you see here? This:

SEI name service still doesn’t support Keplr! I think that forcing almost a million users to install another wallet is at least not polite, because Keplr does a great job with its functions.

Expected Results

There are many happy users who can connect the Keplr wallet on SEI name service website.

p.s.: I hope the smart developers from the Space ID team know better than me how to implement this and how much it will cost.


It’s a pretty good idea.Also i believe galxe supports keplr wallet so users don’t need to use 2 wallets for the same blockchain.