Integrating SPACE ID SDK with Kleoverse for Enhanced User Experience


This proposal seeks to integrate SPACE ID’s SDK with Kleoverse, a talent marketplace dedicated to revolutionizing talent measurement, signaling, and discovery on the web. By leveraging SPACE ID’s SDK, Kleoverse can implement blockchain domain services, enhancing the platform’s web3 capabilities and enabling users to attach their professional profiles to a decentralized domain. This approach will enhance digital identity in the Kleoverse platform, creating a unique web3 name for each user and further embedding the principles of decentralization and digital ownership in the talent marketplace. As a result, users can have a more secure, portable, and personalized professional identity in the digital world.

Additionally, the integration would lay the foundation for a new dimension of online reputation, with users being able to build, earn, and showcase badges and credentials linked to their unique web3 names. It can democratize talent recognition, bridging the gap between skills and opportunities. The innovative combination of decentralized digital identity with the credibility of verified skills could redefine talent measurement and discovery. By empowering users to earn credentials and showcase their skills on a universally recognized platform, we not only enrich their digital identity but also enhance the integrity and transparency of the talent marketplace.


The integration of SPACE ID’s SDK into Kleoverse serves a twofold purpose:

  1. For SPACE ID, it expands the use case of the platform and brings in a new set of users from the professional talent marketplace.
  2. For Kleoverse, it allows their users to have a unique, decentralized web domain tied to their professional profiles, emphasizing their commitment to web3 technologies and fostering a more open and accessible professional world.


This proposal covers the technical integration of SPACE ID’s SDK into Kleoverse’s platform and user interface. It also encompasses collaboration on user education and support for the new feature.


The implementation will occur in four main stages:

  1. Technical Integration: The Kleoverse development team will work closely with SPACE ID’s developers to integrate the SDK into Kleoverse’s platform.
  2. Testing: Rigorous testing will be carried out to ensure the seamless operation of the integration.
  3. User Education: Create guides and tutorials to educate Kleoverse’s user base on how to use the new feature.
  4. Support: Offer ongoing technical support and updates as necessary.


Estimated timeline for the proposal’s implementation:

  1. Technical Integration: 1-2 months
  2. Testing: 1 month
  3. User Education: Concurrent with Testing
  4. Support: Ongoing


Estimated total cost of implementing the proposal: $10,000

  • Technical Integration: $3,000 - $5,000
  • Discord AMA Giveaway: $500
  • Bounties for future tasks (e.g., technical, creative, etc.): $4,000 - $4,500

Expected Outcomes

The successful execution of this proposal would result in:

  • Increased user base for both SPACE ID and Kleoverse, leading to greater platform utility and activity.
  • Improved user experience for Kleoverse’s users by enabling them to link their profiles to a decentralized domain.
  • Enhanced reputation and visibility of both Kleoverse and SPACE ID within the web3 space.

Possible Downsides/Risks

The risks associated with this proposal might include technical challenges during the integration process and resistance or lack of understanding from users in the adoption of web3 domains.

Additional Information

This integration fits well with both Kleoverse’s and SPACE ID’s missions of making professional opportunities and web3 services more accessible to a global audience.

Final Notes:
We invite all SPACE ID community members to share insights on our Kleoverse integration proposal. Your questions and feedback are vital for shaping an inclusive solution. Join the conversation, engage in debates, share your thoughts. Together, we can strengthen our web3 community.