How yo participate in this space id delegation

1.My spaceid: Aptoz.bnb

2.According to me it will help a lot for become success, also it’s going to the good direction. Keep it up.

3.I would help people’s, who become a part of the community, i can guide them.

4.I’ve worked as a moderator on several Discord servers so I have experience, how to lead them in a good direction.

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Did you try to read this article before posting? Complete simple tasks and send your application to the thread: Delegate Application Template (Part 2)
You can use my application as template: Delegate Application Template (Part 1) - #1579 by xandry.bnb

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Domain name is ebvin.bnb

The space ID DAO is one of the greatest DAOs in the crypto space. Their ideas and philosophies are top notch.
With space ID crypto interaction will be revolutionalized.

My contribution to the space ID is to ensure I bring more people to come experience digital revolution thru the use of the space ID domains and ecosystem.

Web 3 is at all high and demand needs much desired. My experience with web 3 has made crypto fun to interact with.
The future is very much bright with web 3 integration.

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