How to vote in space I'd?

I have 3 token and I don’t know how to vote or delegate as their is option to someone but not myself

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You can only vote for one of the delegates, not for yourself. Go to SPACE ID Scroll down and choose to whom you want to delegate. The domain name search function is not working yet, so you need to use the wallet address search. For example, you can enter my address in the search field (0xAFe934d660C157b7622cAD704BCd910972ccA72B), and it should be shown me.


i delegate to some one…so what will be result of it?

I think by delegating to someone else actually means you have transferred your voting power to that person and he/she would be the one to vote on your behalf on any proposal made in the community. :100:

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After that, the delegate will vote on various decisions in the DAO on Snapshot
At the same time, you can also vote there, but this will overwrite the delegate’s votes in such a way as if his decision does not suit you, and you want to vote differently.
All this time, ID tokens must be stored with you