Guide. How to get a Space id domain?

Hey everyone, there might be some people who didn’t get an arb/bnb domain on space ID, so in this post I decided to share a little guide on how to do it! :rocket:

  1. Go to SPACE ID

  2. Connect the wallet

  3. At the top click Domains and in the left column Domains choose your desired domain, arb or bnb

  4. In the filters on the left side choose unregistred

  5. Next, in the search, enter the name of your domain and click on the magnifying glass. Make sure that the domain you choose is unregistered.

  6. Choose any domain you like and register it.
    The price of domain for 1 year is $5 + $1.5-2 gas.
    Then go back to SPACE ID, click on verify and claim the box, open it and get points

That’s it! Congratulations on your first domain and your first points on Space ID! :wink:

If you have any questions, ask! I’ll be happy to answer them :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for guide, Bamboo! :wink:

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You’re welcome Gojes! :wink:


good job man! nice work

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Thanks goodproject space id

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@wabucu Glad to help :wink:

Hurry up as season 2 ends on June 16!

Yes. Good idea.

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The third and fourth points are redundant. :wink:

Hey, I am looking for post on how to withdraw your tokens anytime you feel like. It should be easy to do so, and not feel like your money is locked up forever. Thank you.

Where do you want to withdraw your tokens from? Describe the problem in more detail