Gift card swap tool


Space ID and its integration partners quite often hold gift card raffles. In the best case, a gift card is used to register a domain or extend the registration period of an existing domain. In the worst case, gift cards are sold on the secondary market for 60-70% of the nominal value of the gift card.
I want to suggest another use for gift cards - the reissue of a gift card in another blockchain.


The purpose of this proposal is to make the Space ID ecosystem even more friendly and convenient for the community. And of course, in order to increase the value of gift cards.


If I go to Name services page, I see this:

As you can see, I have several gift cards on the BNB network and one gift card on the Arbitrum network.
At the same time, there are no gift cards in the Manta network. But it would be great to be able to burn a gift card on the BNB network and issue a gift card with the same value on the Manta network.
The implementation mechanism may be different, but the meaning, I hope, is clear.

Expected Results

The ability to swap gift cards between different blockchains would give users the opportunity to save money and have domains on different networks.

p.s.: I hope the smart developers from the Space ID team know better than me how to implement this and how much it will cost.


Good idea, I even know which blockchain will be able to implement it :sunglasses: it`s ZetaChain :heart_eyes: :wink:


good idea, adds a significant value to Space ID’s ecosystem. Users would benefit from lower costs and more freedom in managing their domain portfolios.


I think it’s a good idea, too. Moreover, I recently personally faced a situation where I had gift cards in arbitrum network, but I needed gift cards in bnb network.
This way it would be possible to transfer cards and use them in the network where they are needed more.
For example using L0 technology


Great idea, and we need that feature. I have a lot of bnb gift cards and already extended all my bnb domains. But I still have some arb domains but low on arb gift cards.
I think other users are in same situation, since most gift card raffles rewards was bnb gift cards.
That would help to increase amount of extended arb domains nowadays.


Merry Chrisatmas All cryptolovers :santa: