Developing a Feature for Bulk Registration of Domain Names

Proposal Title: Developing a Feature for Bulk Registration of Domain Names

Overview This proposal aims to develop a feature for bulk registration of domain names on the SPACE ID platform. This functionality will enable users to register multiple domain names at once, enhancing the efficiency and convenience of domain name registration.

Purpose The bulk registration feature is aimed at catering to the needs of users who want to register multiple domain names concurrently. Such users might include organizations launching new projects across several platforms, domain name investors, or blockchain developers. This feature could significantly streamline the registration process and save users time and effort.

Scope The bulk registration feature will affect the domain registration process on the SPACE ID platform. It will require modifications to the existing registration interface and the underlying backend processes that handle domain name registration.

Implementation The implementation of this proposal will involve the following steps:

  1. Analysis of requirements and feasibility: A detailed analysis to understand the technical requirements and feasibility of introducing a bulk registration feature.
  2. Design: Outlining the design and user interface of the bulk registration feature, ensuring it’s user-friendly and consistent with the overall look and feel of the SPACE ID platform.
  3. Development: Programming and integrating the feature into the existing SPACE ID platform.
  4. Testing: Rigorous testing of the feature to ensure its functionality, reliability, and security.
  5. Deployment: Rolling out the feature for all SPACE ID users.

Timeline The proposed timeline for the implementation of this feature is 6 months, which includes:

  1. Requirement Analysis and Feasibility Study - 1 month
  2. Design - 1 month
  3. Development - 1 month
  4. Testing - 1 month
  5. Deployment - 1 month

Budget The estimated budget for the implementation of this proposal is approximately $6,000. The budget breakdown is as follows:

  1. Requirement Analysis and Feasibility Study - $500
  2. Design - $1,500
  3. Development - $3,000
  4. Testing - $500
  5. Deployment - $500

Expected Outcomes Implementing the bulk registration feature is expected to enhance user convenience, increase user retention, and attract a wider user base interested in registering multiple domain names at once. Moreover, it could boost the overall number of domain name registrations on the SPACE ID platform.

Possible downsides or risks associated with the implementation of this feature could be potential bugs and the need for more server resources to handle an increase in domain registration requests. Possibly not completing the bulk registration build out ahead of the many domains that may expire.

Additional Information This proposal aligns with SPACE ID’s objective of providing a one-stop platform for managing web3 domains. Bulk domain name registration is a common feature in traditional domain registration platforms and could add significant value to the SPACE ID platform in the web3 space.


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we only have a Bulk Extend
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