Delegate Application Template (Part 1)


It is going to the moon for sure.

I will promote and help to grow space id through my programming languages and social media.

I have 3 years experience of web 3 management and crypto or nft I am a early adopter

My id is tatamotars.bnb

Decentralised , participation ,publicity

I’m a programmer (python)

Skill in web3 is still small but working on it , testnets

web3 identity, governance, publicity
any design requests, memes, testing, programming, data analysis
senior 3d/graphic design, junior developing, testing

  • nebeife.bnb
  • Exceptional work SPACE ID is doing
  • Vote, share and invite.
  • I am a web designer Incase you guys need me with any work.
  • accelx.bnb

  • According to me, this one is one of the greatest project ever launched.

  • I will do my best if I find it much helpful and interesting.

  • Developer, Good experience

Your .bnb / .arb name: wockforwork.bnb / 690.arb
Your view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO: Full transparency and pure decentralization
How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering: I’m obsessed with domain world so I can put all my efforts for spreading awareness and community support
Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills: I’m a business analyst and strategic consultant so I could be very for project development


Proposal which will help of us if any one wish to work for the all of us…

After proposal comes, we will read it and if we like its than we will vote it…

Tester, developer

  • nonce.arb
  • SPACE ID DAO will create a community contribution to further enhance the vision of community owned project
  • I will participate in voting and proposals which could be favorable for community as well as for the project
  • I have been in crypto space for last 4 years and currently officially a tester with some early stage projects

2.Hi all! I see the purpose of the SpaceID DAO is to make decisions to increase the use of domains. For example, to use them as domains in Web2 i.e. the ability to connect sites to them. There are so many more ways to use these domains that you can think of. After all, the more applications they have, the more valuable they are and the more expensive the current ID will be and the more successful the entire SPACE ID project.
3.As I wrote above, I suggest focusing on increasing the usefulness of domains and finding new ways to use them to increase their value.
4.I have been in the crypto space for a long time, researching projects from different directions - defi, gamefi, web3, socialfi. I actively participate in the life of various projects and help them develop. Especially those where I have investments)

• sahilr.bnb
• overall view of the spac I’d dao is looking very positive and it will lead to the new era that will succeed it’s transparency is the key of this project

• whenever new proposal come we have to think twice before giving are advice to them and if it looks good and it will work in future and for good purpose we will vote and support every decision that will work brilliantly

• my web3 experience is the very smooth and specially privacy that web3 take with them I like the most and transparancy soo that we can trust the web3 and the cool project that is making life easy to understand and use

  • Your .bnb / .arb name: web3socials.bnb
  • Your view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO: In web 3.0, spaceid’s own domain is the most promising and excellent domain service in the future!
  • How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering: I’m willing to make a contribution based on your needs
  • Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills:
    Freelancer work in all aspects of investment
    I have been working as a freelancer for about 6 years


Space I’d dao is helpful to all the community members where each one can interact and shares ideas about project.

I am engaged with space I’d project earlier when project run and I will support all the project innovation and ideas to space I’d community.

I am writing many articles about crypto project for some project so here I can do same if I got chance


It is decentralised, giving power to active community members.

I can contribute as java programmer and tester.

I have not much of web3 experience but i am learning it and may be contribute in future.

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● Domains :

● Make web3 easily replace long address with short domain

● i have a community with enthusiastic web3 users and i have already promoted space id almost 90% members have .bnb domain

● i will ensure that they will participate in upcoming all spaceid events

● i have been in web3 from over 5 years
i can help in doa proposals an voting with my experience :slightly_smiling_face:

developing bsc ecosystem
I interest NFT and bsc ecosystem

  • engchamara.bnb
  • SPACE ID DAO will help to build fully decentralized legit project. It will be attract trust of community.
  • I can help to spread that proposals in my social media accounts and we can create positive discussions in every space!
  • I completed WEB3 course recently. already I worked with 20+ crypto projects as an ambassador , Graphic designer , video maker etc. Polygon Network, Razor Network are the example of those projects.

• r0naldo.bnb
• Help with voting and community support
Skills in web3 are still small - achievements,

my views on overall goal is that this DAO should bring more incentivized programmes to thier community
i will delegate and help out community
moderator and researcher

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• Hmr7756.bnb
• Help with voting and community support
• Skills on web3 are still small - achievements,

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2-SPACE ID helps the project community to be, fair objective and a common goal of the participants in this project.
3-Help the community members and the Users by providing solutions for there problem
4-i have experience of 3years in web3 project and Nft project so i think in that way i will help